Computer Graphics Forum 2022 / CGF 41 - 6 

Issue Information

Bisht, Sumit; Shekhawat, Krishnendra; Upasani, Nitant; Jain, Rahil N.; Tiwaskar, Riddhesh Jayesh; Hebbar, Chinmay
Transforming an Adjacency Graph into Dimensioned Floorplan Layouts

Xiao, Yanyang; Cao, Juan; Chen, Zhonggui
Image Representation on Curved Optimal Triangulation

Hwang, Jaepyung; Park, Gangrae; Kwon, Taesoo; Ishii, Shin
Transition Motion Synthesis for Object Interaction based on Learning Transition Strategies

Guo, Bao; Zhang, Yuhe; Gao, Jian; Li, Chunhui; Hu, Yao
SGLBP: Subgraph‐based Local Binary Patterns for Feature Extraction on Point Clouds

Marques, R.; Bouville, C.; Bouatouch, K.
Gaussian Process for Radiance Functions on the S2$\mathbb {S}^2$ Sphere

Oliveira, Felipe; Paiva, Afonso
Narrow‐Band Screen‐Space Fluid Rendering

Cheng, Haojie; Xu, Chunxiao; Wang, Jiajun; Zhao, Lingxiao
Quad‐fisheye Image Stitching for Monoscopic Panorama Reconstruction

Wen, Tao; Wang, Beibei; Zhang, Lei; Guo, Jie; Holzschuch, Nicolas
SVBRDF Recovery from a Single Image with Highlights Using a Pre‐trained Generative Adversarial Network

Andrienko, N.; Andrienko, G.; Chen, S.; Fisher, B.
Seeking Patterns of Visual Pattern Discovery for Knowledge Building

Chen, Q.; Ren, Y.; Zhao, Z.; Tao, W.; Zhao, H.
Error Analysis of Photometric Stereo with Near Quasi‐Point Lights

Parakkat, Amal Dev; Memari, Pooran; Cani, Marie‐Paule
Delaunay Painting: Perceptual Image Colouring from Raster Contours with Gaps

Mézières, Pierre; Desrichard, François; Vanderhaeghe, David; Paulin, Mathias
Harmonics Virtual Lights: Fast Projection of Luminance Field on Spherical Harmonics for Efficient Rendering

Weiss, S.; Hermüller, P.; Westermann, R.
Fast Neural Representations for Direct Volume Rendering

Lian, Zhouhui; Gao, Yichen
CVFont: Synthesizing Chinese Vector Fonts via Deep Layout Inferring

Arleo, A.; Miksch, S.; Archambault, D.
Event‐based Dynamic Graph Drawing without the Agonizing Pain

Mokady, R.; Tzaban, R.; Benaim, S.; Bermano, A.H.; Cohen‐Or, D.
JOKR: Joint Keypoint Representation for Unsupervised Video Retargeting

Tódová, L.; Wilkie, A.; Fascione, L.
Wide Gamut Moment‐based Constrained Spectral Uplifting

Brich, N.; Schulz, C.; Peter, J.; Klingert, W.; Schenk, M.; Weiskopf, D.; Krone, M.
Visual Analytics of Multivariate Intensive Care Time Series Data

Baatz, H.; Granskog, J.; Papas, M.; Rousselle, F.; Novák, J.
NeRF‐Tex: Neural Reflectance Field Textures

Eirich, J.; Münch, M.; Jäckle, D.; Sedlmair, M.; Bonart, J.; Schreck, T.
RfX: A Design Study for the Interactive Exploration of a Random Forest to Enhance Testing Procedures for Electrical Engines

Bekos, M.A.; Dekker, D.J.C.; Frank, F.; Meulemans, W.; Rodgers, P.; Schulz, A.; Wessel, S.
Computing Schematic Layouts for Spatial Hypergraphs on Concentric Circles and Grids

Ben Charrada, Tarek; Tabia, Hedi; Chetouani, Aladine; Laga, Hamid
TopoNet: Topology Learning for 3D Reconstruction of Objects of Arbitrary Genus

Jiang, Diqiong; Jin, Yiwei; Zhang, Fang‐Lue; Lai, Yu‐Kun; Deng, Risheng; Tong, Ruofeng; Tang, Min
Reconstructing Recognizable 3D Face Shapes based on 3D Morphable Models

Qin, Hongxing; Zhang, Yucheng; Liu, Zhentao; Chen, Baoquan
Rigid Registration of Point Clouds Based on Partial Optimal Transport

Vuillamy, J.; Lieutier, A.; Lafarge, F.; Alliez, P.
Simplification of 2D Polygonal Partitions via Point‐line Projective Duality, and Application to Urban Reconstruction

Panine, Mikhail; Kirgo, Maxime; Ovsjanikov, Maks
Non‐Isometric Shape Matching via Functional Maps on Landmark‐Adapted Bases

Zeng, Z.; Cotin, S.; Courtecuisse, H.
Real‐Time FE Simulation for Large‐Scale Problems Using Precondition‐Based Contact Resolution and Isolated DOFs Constraints

Alderighi, T.; Malomo, L.; Auzinger, T.; Bickel, B.; Cignoni, P.; Pietroni, N.
State of the Art in Computational Mould Design

Hartwig, S.; Schelling, M.; Onzenoodt, C. v.; Vázquez, P.‐P.; Hermosilla, P.; Ropinski, T.
Learning Human Viewpoint Preferences from Sparsely Annotated Models

Dumery, C.; Protais, F.; Mestrallet, S.; Bourcier, C.; Ledoux, F.
Evocube: A Genetic Labelling Framework for Polycube‐Maps

Erratum: Evaluating Data‐type Heterogeneity in Interactive Visual Analyses with Parallel Axes