Sketch Based Interfaces and Modeling 2004

Cheutet, V.; Catalano, C. E.; Pernot, J. P.; Falcidieno, B.; Giannini, F.; Leon, C.
3D Sketching with Fully Free Form Deformation Features (d-F4) for Aesthetic Design

Barone, Mirko
Process Improvement Impacts on the Styling Workflow of an Industrial Design Company

Ponn, Josef; Lindemann, Udo; Diehl, Holger; Müller, Franz
Sketching in Early Conceptual Phases of Product Design: Guidelines and Tools

Farrugia, Philip J.; Borg, Jonathan C.; Camilleri, Kenneth P.; Spiteri, Christopher; Bartolo, Alexandra
A Cameraphone-Based Approach for the Generation of 3D Models from Paper Sketches .

Oshita, Masaki
Pen-to-mime: A Pen-Based Interface for Interactive Control of A Human Figure

Juchmes, Roland; Leclercq, Pierre
A Multi-Agent System for the Interpretation of Architectural Sketches

Pereira, João P.; Branco, Vasco A.; Jorge, Joaquim A.; Silva, Nelson F.; Cardoso, Tiago D.; Ferreira, F. Nunes
Cascading Recognizers for Ambiguous Calligraphic Interaction .

Simhon, Saul; Dudek, Gregory
Pen Stroke Extraction and Refinement using Learned Models

Bartolo, Alexandra; Camilleri, Kenneth P.; Farrugia, Philip J.; Borg, Jonathan C.
Adaptation of Brensen s Thresholding Algorithm for Sketched Line Drawings

Shilman, Michael; Viola, Paul
Spatial Recognition and Grouping of Text and Graphics

Company, Pedro; Piquer, Ana; Contero, Manuel
On the Evolution of Geometrical Reconstruction as a Core Technology to Sketch-Based Modeling

Varley, P. A. C.; Suzuki, H.; Martin, R. R.
Can Machines Interpret Line Drawings?

Varley, P. A. C.; Takahashi, Y.; Mitani, J.; Suzuki, H.
A Two-Stage Approach for Interpreting Line Drawings of Curved Objects

Fonseca, Manuel J.; Ferreira, Alfredo; Jorge, Joaquim A.
Towards 3DModeling using Sketches and Retrieval

Diehl, Holger; Müller, Franz; Lindemann, Udo
From raw 3D-Sketches to exact CAD product models Concept for an assistant-system

Fan, Zhe; Chi, Ma; Kaufman, Arie; Oliveira, Manuel M.
A Sketch-Based Interface for Collaborative Design .

Bourguignon, David; Chaine, Raphaelle; Cani, Marie-Paule; Drettakis, George
Relief: A Modeling by Drawing Tool

Fleisch, Timo; Rechel, Florian; Santos, Pedro; Stork, André
Constraint Stroke-Based Oversketching for 3D Curves.

Karpenko, Olga; Hughes, John F.; Raskar, Ramesh
Epipolar Methods for Multi-View Sketching .

Turquin, Emmanuel; Cani, Marie-Paule; Hughes, John F.
Sketching Garments for Virtual Characters .