Eurographics Conference Proceedings 1986

Colour Section

Inselberg, Alfred
Multi-Dimensional Graphics: Algorithms & Applications

Angell, Ian O.; Moore, Richard E.M.
A Quad-Tree Algorithm for Displaying a 2-Dimensional Slice of an N-Dimensional Weighted Voronoi Tessellation

Jansen, Frederik W.
A Pixel-Parallelhidden Surface Algorithm For Constructive Solid Geometry

Woodgate, H. Sam
Linked Management Graphics For Production Control

Dooijes, E.H.
Digital Synthesis Of Calligraphic Script

Agate, M.; Finch, H.R.; Garel, A.A.; Grimsdale, R.L.; Simmonds, A.C.; Lister, P. F.
A Multiple Application Graphics Integrated Circuit - MAGIC

Charot, Francois; Rousee, Frank
CSI: A Processor for Image Synthesis

Kaufman, Arie
Memory Organization for a Cubic Frame Buffer

Post, Frits H.; Klok, Fopke
Deformations of Sweep Objects in Solid Modelling

Takala, Tapio
Geometric Boundary Modelling without Topological Data Structures

Woodward, Charles D.
Methods for Cross-Sectional Design of B-Spline Surfaces

Purgathofer, Werner
A Statistical Method For Adaptive Stochastic Sampling

Overveld, C.W.A.M. van; Lierop, M.L.P van
A consistent algorithm to fill triangles and triangular patches

N.Magnenat-Thalmann,; D.Thalmann,; S.Beland,
The Integration of Particle and Polygon Rendering using an A-buffer Algorithm

Prospero, Manuel Joao; Messina, Luiz Ary
Towards the Construction of Graphical Interfaces on the Basis of Geometric Models

Kankaanp, Arto
An Advanced Display System With Natural Interactivity

Holynski, Marek; Garneau, Robert; Lewis, Elaine
An Adaptive Graphics Interface for Effective Visual Representation

Janni, Alberto Di; Italiano, Margherita
A General Purpose User Interface With Hierarchical Data Structure Management

Heine, Thomas Riedel-; Köhler, Dagmar
A Version Management System for Design Environments

Lankhorst, Mrs. J. Roos - Klein
A Visualisation Tool for (Landscape) Architects

DUNLOP, G.R.; B.Sc.,; B.E.(Hons),; Ph.D.,; M.I.E.E.,; C.Elec.Eng.,
A Portable Graphical Display System For The Partially Sighted

Sutherland, Robert J.
A Multiprocessor Architecture For High-Quality Interactive Displays

Strk, Jrgen
The Integrated Display Controller (IDC) for VLSI-Design Workstations

Short, Graham
An Introduction to the Graphics Systems Processor

Duce, D. A.; Fielding, E. V. C.
Towards a Formal Specification of the GKS Output Primitives

Singleton, Karen
An Implementation of the GKS-3D/Phigs Viewing Pipeline

Richter, Dieter
Mappings Between Product Data Definitions