Smart Tools and Apps for Graphics - Eurographics Italian Chapter Conference 2018

Signoroni, Alberto; Livesu, Marco; Agus, Marco
Frontmatter: STAG 2018: Smart Tools and Applications in computer Graphics

Muntoni, A.; Scalas, A.; Nuvoli, S.; Scateni, R.
Simplification of Shapes for Fabrication with V-Groove Milling Tools

Livesu, M.; Cabiddu, D.; Attene, M.
Slice2mesh: Meshing Sliced Data for the Simulation of AM Processes

Munoz, J. M.; Ruiz-Salguero, O.; Montoya-Zapata, D.; Cortes, C.; Cadavid, C.
Direct Scalar Field - to - Truss Representation and Stress Simulation of Open Pore Domains

Cordeiro, E.; Giannini, F.; Monti, M.; Mendes, D.; Ferreira, A.
A Study on Natural 3D Shape Manipulation in VR

Cannavò, A.; Lamberti, F.
A Virtual Character Posing System based on Reconfigurable Tangible User Interfaces and Immersive Virtual Reality

Kiziltas, D.; Celikcan, U.
Knee Up: an Exercise Game for Standing Knee Raises by Motion Capture with RGB-D Sensor

Casti, S.; Corda, F.; Livesu, M.; Scateni, R.
CageLab: an Interactive Tool for Cage-Based Deformations

Melzi, S.
Indicators Basis for Functional Shape Analysis

Mancinelli, C.; Livesu, M.; Puppo, E.
Gradient Field Estimation on Triangle Meshes

Morsucci, A.; Centin, M.; Signoroni, A.
Fast Centroidal Deformation for Large Mesh Models

Will, A. D.; Martino, J. M. De; Bezerra, J.
An Optimized Marker Layout for 3D Facial Motion Capture

Agus, M.; Calì, C.; Morales, A. Tapia; Lehväslaiho, H. O.; Magistretti, P. J.; Gobbetti, E.; Hadwiger, M.
Hyperquadrics for Shape Analysis of 3D Nanoscale Reconstructions of Brain Cell Nuclear Envelopes

Ohlsen, G.; Ruiz-Salguero, O.; Full, T.; Acosta, D.
Pixel-based Wake Interaction and Power Estimation for a Wind Farm with Irregular Boundary

Berretta, S.; Cabiddu, D.; Pittaluga, S.; Mortara, M.; Spagnuolo, M.; Zuccolini, M. Vetuschi
Adaptive Environmental Sampling: The Interplay Between Geostatistics and Geometry