Computer Graphics Forum 2013 / CGF 32 - 1 


Kerber, J.; Bokeloh, M.; Wand, M.; Seidel, H.-P.
Scalable Symmetry Detection for Urban Scenes

Weber, Daniel; Bender, Jan; Schnoes, Markus; Stork, Andre; Fellner, Dieter W.
Efficient GPU Data Structures and Methods to Solve Sparse Linear Systems in Dynamics Applications

He, S.; Lau, R. W. H.
Synthetic Controllable Turbulence Using Robust Second Vorticity Confinement

Sin, F. S.; Schroeder, D.; Barbic, J.
Vega: Non-Linear FEM Deformable Object Simulator

Kratz, A.; Auer, C.; Stommel, M.; Hotz, I.
Visualization and Analysis of Second-Order Tensors: Moving Beyond the Symmetric Positive-Definite Case

Selino, A.; Jones, M. D.
Large and Small Eddies Matter: Animating Trees in Wind Using Coarse Fluid Simulation and Synthetic Turbulence

Bittner, Jiří; Hapala, Michal; Havran, Vlastimil
Fast Insertion-Based Optimization of Bounding Volume Hierarchies

Corsini, M.; Larabi, M. C.; Lavoué, G.; Petřík, O.; Váša, L.; Wang, K.
Perceptual Metrics for Static and Dynamic Triangle Meshes

Wang, Lili; Shi, Yulong; Chen, Yi; Popescu, Voicu
Just-in-Time Texture Synthesis

Moon, Bochang; Jun, Jong Yun; Lee, JongHyeob; Kim, Kunho; Hachisuka, Toshiya; Yoon, Sung-Eui
Robust Image Denoising Using a Virtual Flash Image for Monte Carlo Ray Tracing

Poranne, Roi; Ovreiu, Elena; Gotsman, Craig
Interactive Planarization and Optimization of 3D Meshes

Wang, J.; Yu, Z.; Zhu, W.; Cao, J.
Feature-Preserving Surface Reconstruction From Unoriented, Noisy Point Data

SahillioÄ lu, Y.; Yemez, Y.
Coarse-to-Fine Isometric Shape Correspondence by Tracking Symmetric Flips

Wu, Fuzhang; Dong, Weiming; Kong, Yan; Mei, Xing; Paul, Jean-Claude; Zhang, Xiaopeng
Content-Based Colour Transfer

Jeong, SoHyeon; Park, Si-Hyung; Kim, Chang-Hun
Simulation of Morphology Changes in Drying Leaves

Spencer, Ben; Jones, Mark W.
2013 Cover Image: Prism

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