Eurographics Workshop on Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling 2011

MacLean, S.; Tausky, D.; Labahn, G.; Lank, E.; Marzouk, M.
Is the iPad useful for sketch input? A comparison with the Tablet PC

Lopes, Pedro; Mendes, Daniel; Araújo, Bruno; Jorge, Joaquim A.
Combining bimanual manipulation and pen-based inputfor 3D modelling

Öztireli, A. C.; Uyumaz, U.; Popa, T.; Sheffer, A.; Gross, M.
3D Modeling with a Symmetric Sketch

Mukherjee, Uddipan; M.Gopi,; Rossignac, Jarek
Immersion and Embedding of Self-Crossing Loops

Morigi, S.; Rucci, M.
Reconstructing surfaces from sketched 3D irregular curvenetworks

Wang, O.; Lang, M.; Frei, M.; Hornung, A.; Smolic, A.; Gross, M.
StereoBrush: Interactive 2D to 3D Conversion UsingDiscontinuous Warps

Applegate, C. S.; Laycock, S. D.; Day, A. M.
A Sketch-Based System for Highway Design

Delamé, T.; Léon, J.C.; Cani, M.P.; Blanch, R.
Gesture-based design of 2D contours: an alternative tosketching?

Orbay, Günay; Kara, Levent Burak
Sketch-Based Modeling of Smooth Surfaces Using AdaptiveCurve Networks

Kebodeaux, Kourtney; Field, Martin; Hammond, Tracy
Defining Precise Measurements with Sketched Annotations

Miranda, José Carlos; Alvarez, Xenxo; Orvalho, João; Gutierrez, Diego; Sousa, A. Augusto; Orvalho, Verónica
Sketch Express: Facial Expressions Made Easy

Kristensson, P.O.; Denby, L.C.
Continuous Recognition and Visualization of Pen Strokes and Touch-Screen Gestures

Reaver, J.; Stahovich, T. F.; Herold, J.
How to make a Quick$: Using Hierarchical Clustering toImprove the Efficiency of the Dollar Recognizer

Herold, J.; Stahovich, T. F.
ClassySeg: A Machine Learning Approach to AutomaticStroke Segmentation

Wolin, Aaron; Field, Martin; Hammond, Tracy
Combining Corners from Multiple Segmenters

Bott, Jared N.; Gabriele, Daniel; Jr., Joseph J. LaViola
Now or Later: An Initial Exploration into User Perception ofMathematical Expression Recognition Feedback

Andre, Alexis; Saito, Suguru
Single-View Sketch Based Modeling

McCrae, James; Singh, Karan
Neatening sketched strokes using piecewise French Curves