Silva, F.; Gutierrez, D.; Rodríguez, J.; Figueiredo, M.
Proceedings Info

Rodríguez, Javier Novo; Pereira, Elena Hernández; Canosa, Mariano Cabrero
Digital Cartographic Generalization in Spatial Databases: application issues in Power Grids CAD tools

Gonçalves, Vítor; Dias, Paulo; Almeida, Fernando; Madeira, Joaquim; Santos, Beatriz Sousa
3D Visualization of Sparse Geophysical Data Representing Uncertainty

Riboira, André; Rodrigues, Rui; Abreu, Rui
Interactive Visualizations of Automatic Debugging Reports

Rocha, Lindomar; Rodrigues, Rui
GraphJudge: A System for Assisted Assessment of Computer Graphics Assignments

Raya, Laura; Otaduy, Miguel A.; García, Marcos
Neural Data Exploration with Force Feedback

Lopes, J. M. Brisson
Interacting with Outdoor Sports Performance Data

Andujar, C.
High-quality Compression of Mipmapped Textures

Blasco, J.; Abad, F.; Camahort, E.; Vivó, R.
Non-Uniform Spherical Light Fields

Garces, Elena; Gutierrez, Diego; Lopez-Moreno, Jorge
Graph-Based Reflectance Segmentation

Jarabo, Adrian; Masia, Belen; Gutierrez, Diego
Efficient Propagation of Light Field Edits

Rodrigues, J.; Lam, R.; Buf, J. du
Cortical 3D Face Recognition Framework

Gascón, Jorge; Bayona, José M.; Espadero, José M.; Otaduy, Miguel A.
BlenderCAVE: Easy VR Authoring for Multi-Screen Displays

Masia, Belen; Corrales, Adrian; Presa, Lara; Gutierrez, Diego
Coded Apertures for Defocus Deblurring

Echevarria, Jose I.; Gutierrez, Diego
Mobile Computational Photography: Exposure Fusion on the Nokia N900

Gonçalves, Tiago; Afonso, Ana Paula; Carmo, Maria Beatriz; Pombinho, Paulo
HaloDot: Visualization of the Relevance of Off-Screen Objects

Re, Armando de la; Martorell, Eduardo; Camahort, Emilio; Abad, Francisco
Inexpensive 3D Stereo for Two Users Using a Single Display

Amador, G.; Gomes, A.
A Simple Surface Tracking Method for Physically-Based 3D Water Simulations

Patow, Gustavo
Procedural Modeling of Suspension Bridges

Vélez, G.; Matey, L.; Amundarain, A.; Ordás, F.; Marín, J.A.
Real-Time Modelling and Rendering of Sprayed Concrete

Gestel, J. van; Bidarra, R.
Procedural Modelling of Destructible Materials

Roa, Eduardo; Theoktisto, Víctor; Fairén, Marta; Navazo, Isabel
GPU Collision Detection in Conformal Geometric Space

Novalbos, Marcos; Sánchez, Alberto
Parallel Collision Detection Oriented to Distributed Memory Architectures for High-Resolution Meshes

Hernández, Fernando; Garre, Carlos; Casillas, Rubén; Otaduy, Miguel A.
Linear-Time Dynamics of Characters with Stiff Joints

Prados, Francisco J. R.; Salas, Alejandro León; Torres, Juan Carlos
Interactive Elastic Deformation of 3D Images

Ortegano, J.; Navarro, H.; Carmona, R.
Volume-Surface Collision Detection

Silva, Luis F. A.; Silva, Frutuoso G. M.
Augmented Reality for Web - A New Interaction Method Without Markers

Leal, E.A.; Leal, N.E.
Robust Method for Estimating Normals on Point Clouds Using Adaptive Neighborhood Size

Melo, M.; Silva, P.; Magalhães, L.; Bessa, M.; Coelho, A.; Moura, J.; Rocha, A.; Ferreira, F.; Cruz, J.; Sousa, A.
3DWikiU - 3D Wiki For Urban Environments

Ramírez, Esmitt; Coto, Ernesto
A Moving Least Squares Method for Implant Model Deformation in Computer Aided Orthopedic Surgery for Fractures of Lower Extremities

Martins, Paula; Silva, Samuel; Oliveira, Catarina; Ferreira, Carlos; Silva, Augusto; Teixeira, António
Investigating the Differences Between European Portuguese Sounds: An Approach Using Polygonal Mesh Comparison

Silva, Samuel; Santos, Beatriz Sousa; Madeira, Joaquim
Left-Ventricle Global and Regional Functional Analysis from MDCT Images

Coelho, P.; Cunha, A.; Costa, P.; Hadjileontiadis, L.
A Colour Rotation Based Detector for Bleeding Gastric Pathologies