Computer Graphics Forum 2012

Preface and Table of Contents

Hullin, Matthias B.; Hanika, Johannes; Heidrich, Wolfgang
Polynomial Optics: A Construction Kit for Efficient Ray-Tracing of Lens Systems

Munkberg, Jacob; Toth, Robert; Akenine-Möller, Tomas
Per-Vertex Defocus Blur for Stochastic Rasterization

Scherzer, Daniel; Nguyen, Chuong; Ritschel, Tobias; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Pre-convolved Radiance Caching

Buchholz, Bert; Boubekeur, Tamy
Quantized Point-Based Global Illumination

Novák, Jan; Nowrouzezahrai, Derek; Dachsbacher, Carsten; Jarosz, Wojciech
Progressive Virtual Beam Lights

Garces, Elena; Munoz, Adolfo; Lopez-Moreno, Jorge; Gutierrez, Diego
Intrinsic Images by Clustering

Chen, Xiaowu; Jin, Xin; Zhao, Qinping; Wu, Hongyu
Artistic Illumination Transfer for Portraits

Endo, Yuki; Kanamori, Yoshihiro; Fukui, Yukio; Mitani, Jun
Matting and Compositing for Fresnel Reflection on Wavy Surfaces

Eisemann, Martin; Bauszat, Pablo; Guthe, Stefan; Magnor, Marcus
Geometry Presorting for Implicit Object Space Partitioning

Manson, Josiah; Schaefer, Scott
Parameterization-Aware MIP-Mapping

Mattausch, Oliver; Scherzer, Daniel; Wimmer, Michael; Igarashi, Takeo
Tessellation-Independent Smooth Shadow Boundaries

Yang, Heekyung; Kwon, Yunmi; Min, Kyungha
A Stylized Approach for Pencil Drawing from Photographs

Ammann, Lucas; Barla, Pascal; Guennebaud, Gaël; Granier, Xavier; Reuter, Patrick
Surface Relief Analysis for Illustrative Shading

Palma, Gianpaolo; Callieri, Marco; Dellepiane, Matteo; Scopigno, Roberto
A Statistical Method for SVBRDF Approximation from Video Sequences in General Lighting Conditions

Mehta, Soham Uday; Ramamoorthi, Ravi; Meyer, Mark; Hery, Christophe
Analytic Tangent Irradiance Environment Maps for Anisotropic Surfaces

Bagher, Mohammad Mahdi; Soler, Cyril; Holzschuch, Nicolas
Accurate Fitting of Measured Reflectances Using a Shifted Gamma Micro-facet Distribution

Kulla, Christopher; Fajardo, Marcos
Importance Sampling Techniques for Path Tracing in Participating Media

Kalantari, Nima Khademi; Sen, Pradeep
Fast Generation of Approximate Blue Noise Point Sets

Ou, Jiawei; Xie, Feng; Krishnamachari, Parashar; Pellacini, Fabio
ISHair: Importance Sampling for Hair Scattering

Glondu, Loeiz; Muguercia, Lien; Marchal, Maud; Bosch, Carles; Rushmeier, Holly; Dumont, Georges; Drettakis, George
Example-Based Fractured Appearance

Pereira, Thiago; Rusinkiewicz, Szymon
Gamut Mapping Spatially Varying Reflectance with an Improved BRDF Similarity Metric