Computer Graphics Forum 2001 / CGF 20 - 2 


Akkouche, Samir; Galin, Eric
Adaptive Implicit Surface Polygonization Using Marching Triangles

Smith, Jeffrey; Witkin, Andrew; Baraff, David
Fast and Controllable Simulation of the Shattering of Brittle Objects

Isenburg, Martin
Triangle Strip Compression

Thurmer, Grit
Smoothing Normal Vectors on Discrete Surfaces While Preserving Slope Discontinuities

Liu, Xinguo; Bao, Hujun; Heng, PhengAnn; Wong, TienTsin; Peng, Qunsheng
Constrained Fairing for Meshes

Brodlie, Ken; Wood, Jason
Recent Advances in Volume Visualization

Briere, Normand; Poulin, Pierre
Adaptive Representation of Specular Light

Nonato, L.; Minghim, R.; Oliveira, M. C. F.; Tavares, G.
A Novel Approach for Delaunay 3D Reconstruction with a Comparative Analysis in the Light of Applications