Eurographics / IEEE VGTC Symposium on Visualization 2000

Melancon, G.; Herman, I.
DAG Drawing from an Information Visualization Perspective

Brandes, Ulrik; Wagner, Dorothea
Contextual Visualization of Actor Status in Social Networks

Brandes, Ulrik; Shubina, Galina; Tamassia, Roberto
Improving Angular Resolution in Visualizations of Geographic Networks

Bruls, Mark; Huizing, Kees; Wijk, Jarke J. van
Squarified Treemaps

Pu, Pearl; Pecenovic, Zoran
Dynamic Overview Techniques for Image Retrieval

Battista, Giuseppe Di; Didimo, Walter; Patrignani, Maurizio; Pizzonia, Maurizio
Drawing Relational Schemas

Schussman, Shirley; Bertram, Martin; Hamann, Bernd; Joy, Kenneth I.
Hierarchical Data Representations Based on Planar Voronoi Diagrams

Reinders, Freek; Jacobson, Melvin E.D.; Post, Frits H.
Skeleton Graph Generation for Feature Shape Description

Holliday, David J.; Nielson, Gregory M.
Progressive Volume Models for Rectilinear Data using Tetrahedral Coons Volumes

Hopf, Matthias; Ertl, Thomas
Hardware Accelerated Wavelet Transformations

LaMar, Eric; Duchaineau, Mark A.; Hamann, Bernd; Joy, Kenneth I.
Multiresolution Techniques for Interactive Texture-based Rendering of Arbitrarily Oriented Cutting Planes

Hanson, Andrew J.; Fu, Chi-Wing; Wernert, Eric A.
Very Large Scale Visualization Methods for Astrophysical Data

Puig, Anna; Tost, Dani; Navazo, Isabel
Hybrid Model for Vascular Tree Structures

Ebert, David; McClanahan, Tim; Rheingans, Penny; Yoo, Terry
Direct Volume Rendering from Photographic Data

Polthier, Konrad; Preuß, Eike
Variational Approach to Vector Field Decomposition

Baumann, Konstantin; Döllner, Jürgen; Hinrichs, Klaus
Integrated Multiresolution Geometry and Texture Models for Terrain Visualization

Engel, Klaus; Sommer, Ove; Ertl, Thomas
A Framework for Interactive Hardware Accelerated Remote 3D-Visualization

Baba, Shigeyuki; Saito, Hideo; Vedula, Sundar; Cheung, Kong Man; Kanade, Takeo
Appearance-Based Virtual-View Generation for Fly Through in a Real Dynamic Scene

Telea, Alexandru; Wijk, Jarke J. van
SMARTLINK: An Agent for Supporting Dataflow Application Construction

Pinnel, L. Denise; Dockrey, Matthew; Brush, A.J. Bernheim; Borning, Alan
Design of Visualizations for Urban Modeling

Nunez, Fabian; Blake, Edwin
ViSSh: A Data Visualisation Spreadsheet

Weiskopf, Daniel
Fast Visualization of Special Relativistic Effects on Geometry and Illumination

König, Andreas H.; Doleisch, Helmut; Kottar, Andreas; Kriszt, Brigitte; Gröller, Eduard
AlVis - An Aluminium-Foam Visualization and Investigation Tool

Maurtis, Sergei; McAllister, Jeff; Watkins, Brenton
WWW-based Visualization of the Real Time Run of a Space Weather Forecasting Model

Buck, Stijn De; Cleynenbreugel, Johan Van; Marchal, Guy; Suetens, Paul
Towards visual matching as a way of transferring pre-operative surgery planning

Sutton, Philip M.; Hansen, Charles D.; Shen, Han-Wei; Schikore, Dan
A Case Study of Isosurface Extraction Algorithm Performance

Chi, Ed H.; Riedl, John T.
Case Study: Resource Steering in a Visualization System