EG 2016 - Posters 2016

Luis Gonzaga Magalhães; Rafał Mantiuk
EUROGRAPHICS 2016: Posters Frontmatter

Mochida, Keisuke; Okamoto, Midori; Kubo, Hiroyuki; Morishima, Shigeo
Real-time Rendering of Heterogeneous Translucent Objects using Voxel Number Map

Ozawa, Tadahiro; Okamoto, Midori; Kubo, Hiroyuki; Morishima, Shigeo
Real-Time Rendering of Heterogeneous Translucent Materials with Dynamic Programming

Hu, Lin-Chuan; Chang, Ming-Hsu; Chuang, Yung-Yu
Rig-Space Motion Retargeting

Xu, Xiang; Wang, Pei; Wang, Beibei; Wang, Lu; Tu, Changhe; Meng, Xiangxu; Boubekeur, Tamy
Efficient Point based Global Illumination on Intel MIC Architecture

Szirmay-Kalos, László; Tóth, Balázs; Umenhoffer, Tamás
Efficient Voxel Marking for Hierarchical Volumetric Fusion

Lee, Sangmin; Lee, Sungkil
Interactive Additive Diffraction Synthesis

Chwesiuk, Michał; Mantiuk, Radoslaw
Acceptable System Latency for Gaze-Dependent Level of Detail Rendering

Bezgodov, Alexey; Karsakov, Andrey
A Practical GPU-accelerated Method for the Simulation of Naval Objects on Irregular Waves

Abdellah, Marwan; Bilgili, Ahmet; Eilemann, Stefan; Markram, Henry; Schürmann, Felix
Physically-based Rendering of Highly Scattering Fluorescent Solutions using Path Tracing

Szécsi, László; Szirányi, Marcell; Kacsó, Ágota
Tonal Art Maps with Image Space Strokes

Almeida, Luis; Menezes, Paulo; Dias, Jorge
3D Modelling Framework: an Incremental Approach

Boughida, Malik; Groueix, Thibault; Boubekeur, Tamy
Interactive Monte-Carlo Ray-Tracing Upsampling

Zhang, Yuhe; Geng, Guohua; Wei, Xiaoran; Zhang, Shunli
Terracotta Reassembly from Fragments Based on Surface Ornamentation Adjacency Constraints

Ecker, Ady
Real-Time Video Texture Synthesis for Multi-Frame Capsule Endoscopy Visualization

Hajari, Nasim; Cheng, Irene; Basu, Anup
Transferring and Animating a non T-pose Model to a T-pose Model

Nóbrega, Rui; Jacob, João; Rodrigues, Rui; Coelho, António; Sousa, A. Augusto de
Augmenting Physical Maps: an AR Platform for Geographical Information Visualization

Shen, Jingjing; Kosinka, Jirí
Conversion of CAD Models to Loop Subdivision Surfaces

Wood, Erroll; Baltrušaitis, Tadas; Morency, Louis-Philippe; Robinson, Peter; Bulling, Andreas
A 3D Morphable Model of the Eye Region

Minor, Tom; Poncelet, Robert R.; Anderson, Eike Falk
Skyglow: Towards a Night-time Illumination Model for Urban Environments

Selgrad, Kai; Franke, Linus; Stamminger, Marc
Tiled Depth of Field Splatting

Wei, Xiaoran; Geng, Guohua; Zhang, Yuhe
No-infill 3D Printing