Computer Graphics Forum 2017 / CGF 36 - 1 

Scopigno, R.; Cignoni, P.; Pietroni, N.; Callieri, M.; Dellepiane, M.
Digital Fabrication Techniques for Cultural Heritage: A Survey

Lopez‐Moreno, Jorge; Miraut, David; Cirio, Gabriel; Otaduy, Miguel A.
Sparse GPU Voxelization of Yarn‐Level Cloth

Gdawiec, K.
Inversion Fractals and Iteration Processes in the Generation of Aesthetic Patterns

Pretorius, A. J.; Khan, I. A.; Errington, R. J.
A Survey of Visualization for Live Cell Imaging

Zhang, Junsong; Wang, Yu; Xiao, Weiyi; Luo, Zhenshan
Synthesizing Ornamental Typefaces

Ceylan, Duygu; Dang, Minh; Mitra, Niloy J.; Neubert, Boris; Pauly, Mark
Discovering Structured Variations Via Template Matching

Filip, J.; Vávra, R.; Havlíček, M.; Krupička, M.
Predicting Visual Perception of Material Structure in Virtual Environments

Xu, Kai; Kim, Vladimir G.; Huang, Qixing; Kalogerakis, Evangelos
Data‐Driven Shape Analysis and Processing

Beck, Fabian; Burch, Michael; Diehl, Stephan; Weiskopf, Daniel
A Taxonomy and Survey of Dynamic Graph Visualization

Swoboda, N.; Moosburner, J.; Bruckner, S.; Yu, J. Y.; Dickson, B. J.; Bühler, K.
Visualization and Quantification for Interactive Analysis of Neural Connectivity in Drosophila

Harvey, Carlo; Debattista, Kurt; Bashford-Rogers, Thomas; Chalmers, Alan
Multi-Modal Perception for Selective Rendering

Patané, Giuseppe
Accurate and Efficient Computation of Laplacian Spectral Distances and Kernels

Schertler, Nico; Savchynskyy, Bogdan; Gumhold, Stefan
Towards Globally Optimal Normal Orientations for Large Point Clouds

Cosmo, L.; Rodolà, E.; Albarelli, A.; Mémoli, F.; Cremers, D.
Consistent Partial Matching of Shape Collections via Sparse Modeling

Rodolà, E.; Cosmo, L.; Bronstein, M. M.; Torsello, A.; Cremers, D.
Partial Functional Correspondence

Abdul-Rahman, A.; Roe, G.; Olsen, M.; Gladstone, C.; Whaling, R.; Cronk, N.; Morrissey, R.; Chen, M.
Constructive Visual Analytics for Text Similarity Detection

Solteszova, Veronika; Birkeland, Åsmund; Stoppel, Sergej; Viola, Ivan; Bruckner, Stefan
Output-Sensitive Filtering of Streaming Volume Data

Wang, Chaoli; Tao, Jun
Graphs in Scientific Visualization: A Survey

Maria, M.; Horna, S.; Aveneau, L.
Constrained Convex Space Partition for Ray Tracing in Architectural Environments

Berger, Matthew; Tagliasacchi, Andrea; Seversky, Lee M.; Alliez, Pierre; Guennebaud, Gaël; Levine, Joshua A.; Sharf, Andrei; Silva, Claudio T.
A Survey of Surface Reconstruction from Point Clouds

Barros, R. S.; Walter, M.
Synthesis of Human Skin Pigmentation Disorders

Issue Information

Marra, Alessia; Nitti, Maurizio; Papas, Marios; Müller, Thomas; Gross, Markus; Jarosz, Wojciech; ovák, Jan
2017 Cover Image: Mixing Bowl

Chen, Min; Zhang, Hao (Richard)