Eurographics Workshop on Rendering 2001

Scheel, Annette; Stamminger, Marc; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Thrifty Final Gather for Radiosity

Stark, Michael M.; Riesenfeld, Richard F.
Reflected and Transmitted Irradiance from Area Sources using Vertex Tracing

Chen, Min; Arvo, James
Simulating Non-Lambertian Phenomena Involving Linearly-Varying Luminaires

Stam, Jos
An Illumination Model for a Skin Layer Bounded by Rough Surfaces

Haroy, Antonio; Guenterz, Brian; Essay, Irfan
Real-time, Photo-realistic, Physically Based Rendering of Fine Scale Human Skin Structure

Daubert, Katja; Lensch, Hendrik P. A.; Heidrich, Wolfgang; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Efficient Cloth Modeling and Rendering

Durand, Frédo; Ostromoukhov, Victor; Miller, Mathieu; Duranleau, Francois; Dorsey, Julie
Decoupling Strokes and High-Level Attributes for Interactive Traditional Drawing

Gooch, Bruce; Reinhard, Erik; Moulding, Chris; Shirley, Peter
Artistic Composition for Image Creation

Raskar, Ramesh; Welch, Greg; Low, Kok-Lim; Bandyopadhyay, Deepak
Shader Lamps: Animating Real Objects With Image-Based Illumination

Lensch, Hendrik P. A.; Kautz, Jan; Goesele, Michael; Heidrich, Wolfgang; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Image-Based Reconstruction of Spatially Varying Materials

Matusik, Wojciech; Buehler, Chris; McMillan, Leonard
Polyhedral Visual Hulls for Real-Time Rendering

Peter, Ingmar; Straßer, Wolfgang
TheWavelet Stream: Interactive Multi Resolution Light Field Rendering

Kalaiah, Aravind; Varshney, Amitabh
Differential Point Rendering

Stamminger, Marc; Drettakis, George
Interactive Sampling and Rendering for Complex and Procedural Geometry

Wimmer, Michael; Wonka, Peter; Sillion, Francois
Point-Based Impostors for Real-Time Visualization

Kim, Tae-Yong; Neumann, Ulrich
Opacity Shadow Maps

Meyer, Alexandre; Neyret, Fabrice; Poulin, Pierre
Interactive Rendering of Trees with Shading and Shadows

Wilkie, Alexander; Tobler, Robert F.; Purgathofer, Werner
Combined Rendering of Polarization and Fluorescence Effects

Koltun, Vladlen; Chrysanthou, Yiorgos; Cohen-Or, Daniel
Hardware-accelerated from-region visibility using a dual ray space

Hey, Heinrich; Tobler, Robert F.; Purgathofer, Werner
Real-Time Occlusion Culling with a Lazy Occlusion Grid

Luebke, David; Hallen, Benjamin
Perceptually Driven Simplification for Interactive Rendering

Rademacher, Paul; Lengyel, Jed; Cutrell, Edward; Whitted, Turner
Measuring the Perception of Visual Realism in Images

Dumont, Reynald; Pellacini, Fabio; Ferwerda, James A.
A Perceptually-Based Texture Caching Algorithm for Hardware-Based Rendering

Suykens, Frank; Willems, Yves D.
Path differentials and applications

Keller, Alexander; Heidrich, Wolfgang
Interleaved Sampling

Wald, Ingo; Slusallek, Philipp; Benthin, Carsten
Interactive Distributed Ray Tracing of Highly Complex Models

Hakura, Ziyad S.; Snyder, John M.
Realistic Reflections and Refractions on Graphics HardwareWith Hybrid Rendering and Layered Environment Maps

Ying, Lexing; Hertzmann, Aaron; Biermann, Henning; Zorin, Denis
Texture and Shape Synthesis on Surfaces

Cohen, Jonathan; Tchou, Chris; Hawkins, Tim; Debevec, Paul
Real-Time High-Dynamic Range Texture Mapping