Eurographics 2019 - Posters 2019

Fusiello, Andrea; Bimber, Oliver
EUROGRAPHICS 2019: Posters Frontmatter

Kumawat, Nirmal; dhanuka, praveen kumar
Flexible Type: Methods and Applications of Modifying Glyph's Horizontal and Vertical Weight

Schedl, David; Kurmi, Indrajit; Bimber, Oliver
Voxelizing Light-Field Recordings

Michailidis, Georgios-Tsampikos; Pajarola, Renato
Enhanced Reconstruction of Architectural Wall Surfaces for 3D Building Models

Lupinetti, Katia; Bonino, Brigida; Giannini, Franca; monti, marina
Assembly Retrieval Results Inspection in Immersive Environment

Honda, Shion
VITON-GAN: Virtual Try-on Image Generator Trained with Adversarial Loss

SHAH, Ghazanfar Ali; Giannini, Franca; monti, marina; Polette, Arnaud; PERNOT, Jean-Philippe
Towards the Fitting of Parametric 2D Sketches and 3D CAD Models to Point Clouds of Digitized Assemblies for Reverse Engineering

Hsiao, Chung-Che; Watson, Benjamin
Adaptive Frameless Rendering with NVIDIA OptiX

Hadj-Said, Souheil; Tamaazousti, Mohamed; Bartoli, Adrien
Can we Invert a Local Reflectance Model From a Single Specular Highlight with Known Scene Geometry and Camera Pose?

Lejemble, Thibault; Mura, Claudio; Barthe, Loïc; Mellado, Nicolas
Multi-Scale Point Cloud Analysis

Watson, Benjamin; Gavane, Ajinkya; Shrivastava, Rachit
The Effects of Adaptive Synchronization on Performance and Experience in Gameplay

Uhlmann, Tom; Brunnett, Guido
Towards Point-based Facial Movement Simulation

Santana Núñez, José Miguel; Trujillo, Agustin; Ortega, Sebastián
Visualization of Large Point Cloud in Unity

Malikova, Evgeniya; Adzhiev, Valery; Fryazinov, Oleg; Pasko, Alexander
Visual-auditory Representation and Analysis of Molecular Scalar Fields

Glover, Callum James; Anderson, Eike Falk
D.A.V.E: A Prototype for Automatic Environment Decoration

Fukuhara, Ryo; Kaneda, Kazufumi; Tamaki, Toru; Raytchev, Bisser; Higaki, Toru; Nishimoto, Soh; Sotsuka, Yohei
A Projection Mapping System onto a Human Body for Medical Applications

Beguet, Florian; Guise, Jacques De; Schmittbuhl, Matthieu; Mari, Jean-Luc; Cresson, Thierry
3D Mesh Description Using ''Subdivided Shape-Curvature-Graphs''