Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics 2009

Flasar, Jan; Kovalcík, Vít; Sochor, Jirí
An Improved Precise Multi-contact Haptic Visualization

Liu, Yu; Laycock, Stephen D.
A Haptic System for Drilling into Volume Data with Polygonal Tools

Ropinski, Timo; Viola, Ivan; Biermann, Martin; Hauser, Helwig; Hinrichs, Klaus
Multimodal Visualization with Interactive Closeups

Vidal, Franck; Garnier, Manuel; Freud, Nicolas; Létang, Jean Michel; John, Nigel W.
Simulation of X-ray Attenuation on the GPU

Frey, Steffen; Ertl, Thomas
Accelerating Raycasting Utilizing Volume Segmentation of Industrial CT Data

Blackledge, J. M.; Dubovitskiy, D. A.
Texture Classification using Fractal Geometry for the Diagnosis of Skin Cancers

Stephenson, Ian
Interactive Relighting for Stage Use

Ramli, Ahmad; Ivrissimtzis, Ioannis
Distance Based Feature Detection on 3D Point Sets

Newball, Andres A. Navarro; Wyvill, Geoff; McCane, Brendan
Object Interaction Using Tabulated Spheres Subsets

Albin-Clark, Adrian; Howard, Toby
Automatically Generating Virtual Humans using Evolutionary Algorithms

Xu, Weijia; Sreevalsan-Nair, Jaya
Visual Representation of Multiple Associations in Data using Constrained Graph Layout

Hong, Woosuck; House, Donald H.; Keyser, John
An Adaptive Sampling Approach to Incompressible Particle-Based Fluid

Simnett, Timothy J. R.; Laycock, Stephen D.; Day, Andy M.
An Edge-based Approach to Adaptively Refining a Mesh for Cloth Deformation

Gundersen, Odd Erik; Skjermo, Jo
A Framework for Physically Based Forest Fire Animation

Zhang, Fan; Zhao, Chong; Sun, Hanqiu
An Aliasing Theory of Shadow Mapping

Steffen, Michael; Zambreno, Joseph
Design and Evaluation of a Hardware Accelerated Ray Tracing Data Structure

Goddard, Luke; Stephenson, Ian
Hardware Accelerated Shaders Using FPGAs

Xiang, Guofu; Ju, Xiangyang; Holt, Patrik O'B.; Shang, Lin
Facial Expression Transferring with a Deformable Model

Tang, Wen; Wan, Tao Ruan; Niquin, Ceddric; Schildknecht, Alexandre
Fast and Accurate Finite Element Method for Deformation Animations

Kahlesz, Ferenc; Klein, Reinhard
Markerless Visual Human Movement Tracking for HCI: What Frequency?

Davies, R. Andrew; Maskery, James S.; John, Nigel W.
Touching The Invisible - Molecular Haptics

Wilson, Arline F.; Musgrove, Peter B.; Buckley, Kevan A.; Pearce, Gill; Geoghegan, John
Developing an Application to Provide Interactive Threedimensional Visualisation of Bone Fractures

Peng, Zhenmin; Laramee, Robert S.
Higher Dimensional Vector Field Visualization: A Survey

May, Michael; Morris, Tim; Markham, Keith; Crowther, William J.; Turner, Martin J.
Towards Object Recognition using HDR Video, Stereoscopic Depth Information and SIFT

MacKenzie, Kevin J.; Watt, Simon J.
Near-correct Ocular Accommodation Responses to a 3d Display, Using Multiple Image Planes and Depth Filtering

Redmond, Niall; Dingliana, John
Influencing User Attention Using Real-Time Stylised Rendering

Carroll, Fiona
Aesthetic-Interaction: Exploring the Importance of the Visual Aesthetic in the Creation of Engaging Photorealistic VR Environments

Benmounah, Nadir; Jolivet, Vincent; Ghazanfarpour, Djamchid
Real-time Rendering of Deformable Translucent Objects

Grimstead, Ian J.; Avis, Nick J.
Calibrating a COTS Monitor to DICOM Standard

Longshaw, Stephen M.; Turner, Martin J.; Finch, Emma; Gawthorpe, Robert
Discrete Element Modelling Using a Parallelised Physics Engine

Osorio, Rodolfo S. Allendes; Brodlie, Ken W.
Uncertain Flow Visualization using LIC

George, Richard L. S. F.; Roberts, Jonathan C.
Coastal Shelf Visualization using VTK and OpenDX of Hydro-Informatic Numerical Models

Blackledge, Jonathan Michael
Diffusion and Fractional Diffusion Based Image Processing