Computer Graphics Forum 2022 / CGF 41 - 5 

Campen, Marcel; Spagnuolo, Michela
SGP 2022 CGF 41-5: Frontmatter

Shi, Dongbo; Chen, Renjie
Harmonic Shape Interpolation on Multiply-connected Planar Domains

Pegoraro, Marco; Melzi, Simone; Castellani, Umberto; Marin, Riccardo; Rodolà, Emanuele
Localized Shape Modelling with Global Coherence: An Inverse Spectral Approach

Binninger, Alexandre; Sorkine-Hornung, Olga
Smooth Interpolating Curves with Local Control and Monotone Alternating Curvature

Sharma, Gopal; Dash, Bidya; RoyChowdhury, Aruni; Gadelha, Matheus; Loizou, Marios; Cao, Liangliang; Wang, Rui; Learned-Miller, Erik G.; Maji, Subhransu; Kalogerakis, Evangelos
PriFit: Learning to Fit Primitives Improves Few Shot Point Cloud Segmentation

Zheng, Xinyang; Liu, Yang; Wang, Pengshuai; Tong, Xin
SDF-StyleGAN: Implicit SDF-Based StyleGAN for 3D Shape Generation

Lamb, Nikolas; Banerjee, Sean; Banerjee, Natasha K.
MendNet: Restoration of Fractured Shapes Using Learned Occupancy Functions

Yang, Jinlin; Liu, Shibo; Chai, Shuangming; Liu, Ligang; Fu, Xiao-Ming
Precise High-order Meshing of 2D Domains with Rational Bézier Curves

Khanteimouri, Payam; Mandad, Manish; Campen, Marcel
Rational Bézier Guarding

Mitchell, Scott A.
Deterministic Linear Time for Maximal Poisson-Disk Sampling using Chocks without Rejection or Approximation

Schmidt, Patrick; Born, Janis; Bommes, David; Campen, Marcel; Kobbelt, Leif
TinyAD: Automatic Differentiation in Geometry Processing Made Simple

Beaufort, Pierre-Alexandre; Reberol, Maxence; Kalmykov, Denis; Liu, Heng; Ledoux, Franck; Bommes, David
Hex Me If You Can

Bukenberger, Dennis R.; Buchin, Kevin; Botsch, Mario
Constructing L∞ Voronoi Diagrams in 2D and 3D

Liu, Xiaokang; Li, Chenran; Lu, Lin; Deussen, Oliver; Tu, Changhe
Fabricable Multi-Scale Wang Tiles

Zeng, Dan; Chambers, Erin; Letscher, David; Ju, Tao
Topological Simplification of Nested Shapes