SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Workshop on Graphics Hardware 1999

Doggett, Michael; Meißner, Michael; Kanust, Urs
A Low-Cost Memory Architecture For PCI-Based Interactive Ray Casting

Kreeger, Kevin; Kaufman, Arie
Hybrid Volume and Polygon Rendering with Cube Hardware

Knittel, Gunter
TRIANGLECASTER Extensions To 3BTexturing Units For Accelerated Volume Rendering

Hüttner, Tobias; Straßer, Wolfgang
Fast Footprint MlPmapping

Hart, John C.; Carr, Nate; Karneya, Masaki; Tibbitts, Stephen A.; Coleman, Terrance J.
Antialiased Parameterized Solid Texturing Simplified for Consumer- Level Hardware Implementation

Gumhold, Stefan; Hüttner, Tobias
Multiresolution Rendering With Displacement Mapping

Lapidous, Eugene; Jiao, Guofang
Optimal Depth Buffer for Low-Cost Graphics Hardware

Xie, Feng; Shantz, Michael
Adaptive Hierarchical Visibility in a Tiled Architecture

Jouppi, Norman P.; Chang, Chun-Fa
Z3: An Economical Hardware Technique for High-Quality Antialiasing and Transparency

lgehy, Homan; Eldridge, Matthew; Hanrahan, Pat
Parallel Texture Caching

Samanta, Rudrajit; Zheng, Jiannan; Funkhouser, Thomas; Li, Kai; Singh, Jaswinder Pal
Load Balancing for Multi-Projector Rendering Systems

McCool, Michael D.; Heidrich, Wolfgang
Texture Shaders