Eurographics Conference Proceedings 1983

Duhovnik, Joze; Kimura, Fumihiko; Sata, Toshio
High Level Language Support for 3-Dimensional Graphics

Takala, T.
Standard Graphics as a Geometric Modelling Device

Watkins, H.K.
A High Level Interface to the Graphical Kernel System - GKS

Martin, R.R.
Principal Patches - A New Class of Surface Patch Based on Differential Geometry

Sabin, M.A.
Non-Rectangular Surface Patches Suitable for Inclusion in a B-Spline Surface

Alander, J.; Mantyla, M.; RANTANEN, T.
Solid Modeling with Parametric Surfaces

Tikkanen, M.; Mantyla, M.; Tamminen, M.
A Geometric Data Manager

Duhovnik, J.
Contribution to Methodic in CAD

Slavik, P.
Syntactic Methods in Computer Graphics

Dorrer, Egon
Photogrammetric Stereocompilation Supported by Interactive Computer Graphics (Abstract)

Huijsmans, D. P.
Closed 2D Contour Algorithms for 3D Reconstruction

Draskovic, Z.; Berkovic, M.
Refinement of the Stress Contour Plots by the Local Interpolations, Extrapolations ans Averaging

Prior, W.A.J.; Sutherland, R.J.
The GHOST-80 Colour Raster Extensions

Rix, Joachim
On Developing a GKS Driver Architecture for Raster Workstations

Jansen, F.W.; Wijk, J.J. van
Fast Previewing Techniques in Raster Graphics

Schmitgen, Günther
GKS-300 - PASCAL Implementation of the Graphical Kernel System (GKS) on a Minicomputer Based Graphical Workstation

Antoy, Sergio; Dettori, Giuliana
Towards GKS Binding to PASCAL

Herman, I.; T.Tolnay-Knefely,; Vincze, A.
XGKS - A Multitask Implementation of GKS

Abas, S.J.
On Didactic Implications in the Teaching of Applied Mathematics from a Coupling of Interactive Graphics and Waves

Mezzina, Maria
Visualizing Inversions in Time with Computer Graphics

Gels, Martin
Decision Support Systems - The Significance of Hybrid Communication Facilities for Operations Research Consultancy

Vilfan, B.; Kolar, R.; Toni, M.; Marusic, M.; Mahnic, V.
CAD in the Design of Railway-Highway Intersection Safety Equipment and Railway Station Safety Equipment

Koren, Hans; Holbaek-Hanssen, Erik; Tjugen, Olav H.; Wiborg, Trond
Computer Graphic Presentation of Road Data

Jackson, Michael J.; Clark, Tony
Interactive Graphical Planning

Hourcade, J.C.; Nicolas, A.
Inverse Perspective Mapping in Scanline Order onto Non-Planar Quadrilaterals

Gangnet, Michel
Depth Sorting by Windowing

Floriani, L.De; Falcidieno, B.; C.Pienovi,
A Delaunay-Based Method for Surface Approximation

Bittner, H.; Krömker, D.; Lenzer, R.; Olsowski, H.D.
Fast Access to Archival Information Stored on Optical Memory Discs

Page, Ian
DisArray: A 16x16 RasterOp Processor

Rudalics, M.
An Intelligent Graphics Terminal's Intermediate Database