Computer Graphics Forum 2000 / CGF 19 - 4 

Coquillart, Sabine; Duke, David

Velho, Luiz; Gomes, Jonas
Variable Resolution 4-k Meshes: Concepts and Applications

Muller, Gordon; Schafer, Stephan; Fellner, Dieter W.
Automatic Creation of Object Hierarchies for Radiosity Clustering

Klassen, R. Victor
Filtered Jitter

Emering, Luc; Boulic, Ronan; Molet, Tom; Thalmann, Daniel
Versatile Tuning of Humanoid Agent Activity

Schneider, Uwe
A Hybrid Approach for Stroke-Based Letterform Composition Including Outline-Based Methods

Galin, Eric; Leclercq, Antoine; Akkouche, Samir
Morphing the BlobTree

May, Jon
Perceptual Principles and Computer Graphics

Chen, Min; Tucker, John V.
Constructive Volume Geometry


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