Eurographics / IEEE VGTC Symposium on Visualization 2002

Zhang, Xiaoyu; Bajaj, Chandrajit; Ramachandran, Vijaya
Parallel and Out-of-core View-dependent Isocontour Visualization Using Random Data Distribution

Tenginakai, Shivaraj; Machiraju, Raghu

Kreylos, O.; Tesdall, A. M.; Hamanny, B.; Hunter, J. K.; Joy, K. I.
Interactive Visualization and Steering of CFD Simulations

Sanna, A.; Zunino, C.; Montrucchio, B.; Montuschi, P.
Adding a scalar value to texture-based vector field representations by local contrast analysis

Liu, ZhanPing; II, Robert James Moorhead
AUFLIC: An Accelerated Algorithm For Unsteady Flow Line Integral Convolution

Plate, John; Tirtasana, Michael; Carmona, Rhadamés; Fröhlich, Bernd
Octreemizer: A Hierarchical Approach for Interactive Roaming Through Very Large Volumes

Roerdink, Jos B.T.M.
Comparison of Morphological Pyramids for Multiresolution MIP Volume Rendering

Botha, Charl P.; Post, Frits H.
Interactive Previewing for Transfer Function Specification in Volume Rendering

Neubauer, A.; Mroz, L.; Hauser, H.; Wegenkittl, R.
Cell-Based First-Hit Ray Casting

Stegmaier, Simon; Magallón, Marcelo; Ertl, Thomas
A Generic Solution for Hardware-Accelerated Remote Visualization

Sweeney, Jon; Mueller, Klaus
Shear-Warp Deluxe: The Shear-Warp Algorithm Revisited

Neumann, László; Csébfalvi, Balázs; Viola, Ivan; Mlejnek, Matej; Gröller, Eduard
Feature-Preserving Volume Filtering

Morris, Christopher J.; Ebert, David
Direct Volume Rendering of Photographic Volumes Using Multi-Dimensional Color-Based Transfer Functions

Jang, Justin; Ribarsky, William; Shaw, Christopher D.; Faust, Nickolas
View-Dependent Multiresolution Splatting of Non-Uniform Data

Wiley, D. F.; Childs, H. R.; Hamann, B.; Joy, K. I.; Max, N. L.
Best Quadratic Spline Approximation for Hierarchical Visualization

Stahl, D.; Ezquerra, N.; Turk, G.
Bag-of-Particles as a Deformable Model

Rumpf, Martin; Telea, Alexandru
A Continuous Skeletonization Method Based on Level Sets

Brandes, U.; Willhalm, T.
Visualization of Bibliographic Networks with a Reshaped Landscape Metaphor

Chewar, C. M.; McCrickard, D. Scott; Ndiwalana, Ali; North, Chris; Pryor, Jon; Tessendorf, David
Secondary Task Display Attributes - Optimizing Visualizations for Cognitive Task Suitability and Interference Avoidance

Santos, S. R. dos; Brodlie, K. W.
Visualizing and Investigating Multidimensional Functions

Vázquez, Pere-Pau; Feixas, Miquel; Sbert, Mateu; Llobet, Antoni
Viewpoint Entropy: A New Tool for Obtaining Good Views of Molecules

Kniss, Joe; Hansen, Charles
Volume Rendering Multivariate Data to Visualize Meteorological Simulations: A Case Study

Krum, David M.; Omoteso, Olugbenga; Ribarsky, William; Starner, Thad; Hodges, Larry F.
Speech and Gesture Multimodal Control of a Whole Earth 3D Visualization Environment

Hao, Ming C.; Garg, Pankaj; Dayal, Umeshwar; Machiraju, Vijay; Cotting, Daniel
Visualization of Large Web Access Data Sets

Kosara, Robert; Miksch, Silvia; Hauser, Helwig
Useful Properties of Semantic Depth of Field for Better F+C Visualization

Somervell, Jacob; McCrickard, D. Scott; North, Chris; Shukla, Maulik
An Evaluation of Information Visualization in Attention-Limited Environments

Jiang, Ming; Machiraju, Raghu; Thompson, David
A Novel Approach To Vortex Core Region Detection

Wischgoll, Thomas; Scheuermann, Gerik
Locating Closed Streamlines in 3D Vector Fields

Bauer, Dirk; Peikert, Ronald
Vortex Tracking in Scale-Space

Telea, Alexandru; Maccari, Alessandro; Riva, Claudio
An Open Toolkit for Prototyping Reverse Engineering Visualizations

Telea, Alexandru; Wijk, Jarke J. van
An Augmented Fast Marching Method for Computing Skeletons and Centerlines