International Conference on Interactive Media, Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies (IMET) 2023

Ioannou, Afxentis; Lemonari, Marilena; Liarokapis, Fotis; Aristidou, Andreas
Collaborative VR: Solving Riddles in the Concept of Escape Rooms

Vallespí Monclús, Pau; Álvarez, Brian; Monclús, Eva; Fairén, Marta
Organ Donation Training using VR: ODT-VR

Klippel, Alexander; Knuiman, Bart; Zhao, Jiayan; Wallgrün, Jan Oliver; Garzon, Sebastian
AnywhereXR - Laying the Foundation for Open Source Embodied Digital Twin Applications

Moschopoulos, Spyridon; Fudos, Ioannis; Koritsoglou, Kyriakos; Tatsis, Giorgos; Tzovaras, Dimitrios
A Real-time Voice Interface for Intelligent Wheelchairs

Lengauer, Stefan; Bedek, Michael A.; Kupfer, Cordula; Shao, Lin; Albert, Dietrich; Schreck, Tobias
Recognizing User Behavior from Interactions for Adaptive Consumer Information Systems

Babu, Sooraj K.; Brandner, Tobias; Truman, Samuel; Mammen, Sebastian von
Investigating Crowdsourced Help Facilities for Enhancing User Guidance

Douillet, Yoann; Collaud, Romain; Groves, Emily; Sonderegger, Andreas; Duchêne, Cedric; Henchoz, Nicolas
Adapting Haptic Feedback for Guided Meditation

Wagner, Jennifer; Winter, Simon; Höhl, Wolfgang
Unraveling the Tales of Aurora - An Imaginative Serious Games Approach

Souropetsis, Markos; Kyza, Eleni A.; Nisiotis, Louis; Georgiou, Yiannis; Giorgalla, Varnavia
Investigating Students' Motivation and Cultural Heritage Learning in a Gamified Versus Non-gamified VR Environment

Müller, Andreas; Müller, Stefan; Brixner, Tobias; Mammen, Sebastian von
Programmatic Design and Architecture of an Immersive Laser Laboratory

Sun, Yitong; Wang, Hanchun; Zhang, Zhejun; Diels, Cyriel; Asadipour, Ali
RESenv: A Realistic Earthquake Simulation Environment based on Unreal Engine

Gong, Xianjin; Parakkat, Amal Dev; Rohmer, Damien
Collision Free Simplification for 2D Multi-Layered Shapes

Sun, Yuqian; Wang, Hanyi; Chan, Pok Man; Tabibi, Morteza; Zhang, Yan; Lu, Huan; Chen, Yuheng; Lee, Chang Hee; Asadipour, Ali
FictionalWorlds, Real Connections: Developing Community Storytelling Social Chatbots through LLMs

Papadas, Stefanos; Papapetrou, Andreas; Frangoudes, Fotos; Polydorou, Alexis; Gavriel, Christodoula; Kyriakou, Niki; Neokleous, Kleanthis
ReInHerit a Museum: Enhancing Museum Experience and Broadening Audience Participation Through an Immersive Performance using Media-Art, and Augmented Reality

Lewerentz, Anne; Manke, Nico; Schantz, David; Sarmento Cabral, Juliano; Mammen, Sebastian von
Integrating Julia Code into the Unity Game Engine to Dive into Aquatic Plant Growth

Yordanov, Borislav; Harvey, Carlo; Williams, Ian; Ashley, Craig; Fairbrass, Paul
Exploring the Impact of Synthetic Data Generation on Texture-based Image Classification Tasks