Eurographics Workshop on Rendering 1999

Greenberg, Donald P.
Disruptive Technologies in Computer Graphics: Past, Present, and Future

Myszkowski, Karol; Rokita, Przemyslaw; Tawara, Takehiro
Perceptually-informed accelerated rendering of high quality walkthrough sequences

Walter, Bruce; Drettakis, George; Parker, Steven
Interactive Rendering using the Render Cache

Bala, Kavita; Dorsey, Julie; Teller, Seth
Interactive Ray-Traced Scene Editing Using Ray Segment Trees

Westermann, Rüdiger; Sommer, Ove; Ertl, Thomas
Decoupling Polygon Rendering from Geometry using Rasterization Hardware

Max, Nelson; Deussen, Oliver; Keating, Brett
Hierarchical Image-Based Rendering using Texture Mapping Hardware

Udeshi, Tushar; Hansen, Charles D.
Towards Interactive Photorealistic Rendering of Indoor Scenes: A Hybrid Approach

Rousselle, Francois; Renaud, Christophe
Group Accelerated Shooting Methods for Radiosity

Sbert, Mateu; Brusi, Alex; Bekaert, Philippe
Gathering for Free in RandomWalk Radiosity

Feixas, Miquel; Acebo, Esteve del; Bekaert, Philippe; Sbert, Mateu
Information Theory Tools for Scene Discretization

Premoze, Simon; Thompson, William B.; Shirley, Peter
Geospecific rendering of alpine terrain

Rocchini, C.; Cignoni, P.; Montani, C.; Scopigno, R.
Multiple Textures Stitching and Blending on 3D Objects

Marschner, Stephen R.; Westin, Stephen H.; Lafortune, Eric P. F.; Torrance, Kenneth E.; Greenberg, Donald P.
Image-Based BRDF Measurement Including Human Skin

McAllister, David K.; Nyland, Lars; Popescu, Voicu; Lastra, Anselmo; McCue, Chris
Real-Time Rendering of Real World Environments

Fu, Chi-Wing; Wong, Tien-Tsin; Heng, Pheng-Ann
Computing Visibility for Triangulated Panoramas

Schaufler, Gernot; Priglinger, Markus
Efficient Displacement Mapping by Image Warping

Heidrich, Wolfgang; Lensch, Hendrik; Cohen, Michael F.; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Light Field Techniques for Reflections and Refractions

Keating, Brett; Max, Nelson
Shadow Penumbras for Complex Objects by Depth-Dependent Filtering of Multi-Layer Depth Images

Ouellette, Marc J.; Fiume, Eugene
Approximating the Location of Integrand Discontinuities for Penumbral Illumination with Area Light Sources

Schöffel, Frank; Pomi, Andreas
Reducing Memory Requirements for Interactive Radiosity Using Movement Prediction

Damez, Cyrille; Sillion, Francois
Space-Time Hierarchical Radiosity

Kautz, Jan; McCool, Michael D.
Interactive Rendering with Arbitrary BRDFs using Separable Approximations

Icart, Isabelle; Arqués, Didier
An Illumination Model for a System of Isotropic Substrate- Isotropic Thin Film with Identical Rough Boundaries

Jensen, Henrik Wann; Legakis, Justin; Dorsey, Julie
Rendering of Wet Materials

Mostefaoui, L.; Dischler, J.M.; Ghazanfarpour, D.
Rendering Inhomogeneous Surfaces with Radiosity

Willmott, Andrew J.; Heckbert, Paul S.; Garland, Michael
Face Cluster Radiosity

Panne, Michiel van de; Stewart, A. James
Effective Compression Techniques for Precomputed Visibility

Costa, António Cardoso; Sousa, António Augusto; Ferreira, Fernando Nunes
Lighting Design: A Goal Based Approach Using Optimisation

Loscos, Céline; Frasson, Marie-Claude; Drettakis, George; Walter, Bruce; Granier, Xavier; Poulin, Pierre
Interactive Virtual Relighting and Remodeling of Real Scenes

Green, Stuart
Beyond Photorealism