Eurographics Workshop on Natural Phenomena 2005

Lu, Jianye; Georghiades, Athinodoros S.; Rushmeier, Holly; Dorsey, Julie; Xu, Chen
Synthesis of Material Drying History: Phenomenon Modeling, Transferring and Rendering

Shahidi, S.; Merillou, S.; Ghazanfarpour, D.
Phenomenological Simulation of Efflorescence in Brick Constructions

Neidhold, B.; Wacker, M.; Deussen, O.
Interactive physically based Fluid and Erosion Simulation

Bene , B.; Arriaga, X.
Table Mountains by Virtual Erosion

Valette, Gilles; Herbin, Michel; Lucas, Laurent; Léonard, Joël
A Preliminary Approach of 3D Simulation of Soil Surface Degradation by Rainfall

Kim, ByungMoon; Liu, Yingjie; Llamas, Ignacio; Rossignac, Jarek
FlowFixer: Using BFECC for Fluid Simulation

Fuhrmann, Anton L.; Umlauf, Eike; Mantler, Stephan
Extreme Model Simplification for Forest Rendering

Gilet, Guillaume; Meyer, Alexandre; Neyret, Fabrice
Point-based Rendering of Trees

Dietrich, Andreas; Colditz, Carsten; Deussen, Oliver; Slusallek, Philipp
Realistic and Interactive Visualization of High-Density Plant Ecosystems

Alsweis, M.; Deussen, O.
Modeling and Visualization of symmetric and asymmetric plant competition