VAST: International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Intelligent Cultural Heritage 2012

Deufemia, Vincenzo; Paolino, Luca; Lumley, Henry de
Petroglyph Classification using the Image Distortion Model

Hosseininaveh, Ali; Serpico, Margaret; Robson, Stuart; Hess, Mona; Boehm, Jan; Pridden, Ivor; Amati, Giancarlo
Automatic Image Selection in Photogrammetric Multi-view Stereo Methods

Brown, Philip G.; Laycock, Stephen D.; Day, Andy M.
Vectorising Building Footprints From Historic Maps

Vasconcelos, Cristina N.; Sá, Asla M.; Sá, Marcio I.; Carvalho, Paulo Cezar P.
Structuring and Embedding Image Captions: the V.I.F. Multi-modal System

Serna, Sebastian Peña; Schmedt, Hendrik; Ritz, Martin; Stork, Andre
Interactive Semantic Enrichment of 3D Cultural Heritage Collections

Echavarria, Karina Rodriguez; Theodoridou, Maria; Georgis, Christos; Arnold, David; Doerr, Martin; Stork, Andre; Serna, Sebastian Peña
Semantically Rich 3D Documentation for the Preservation of Tangible Heritage

Brivio, Paolo; Tarini, Marco; Ponchio, Federico; Cignoni, Paolo; Scopigno, Roberto
PileBars: Scalable Dynamic Thumbnail Bars

Rodriguez, Marcos Balsa; Gobbetti, Enrico; Marton, Fabio; Pintus, Ruggero; Pintore, Giovanni; Tinti, Alex
Interactive Exploration of Gigantic Point Clouds on Mobile Devices

Gaugne, Ronan; Barreau, Jean-Baptiste; Cousseau, Florian; Gouranton, Valérie
Large-scale Immersive Reconstitution of a Neolithic Corbel Dome

Zmugg, René; Thaller, Wolfgang; Hecher, Martin; Schiffer, Thomas; Havemann, Sven; Fellner, Dieter W.
Authoring Animated Interactive 3D Museum Exhibits using a Digital Repository

Kaminski, Jaime; Echavarria, Karina Rodriguez; Arnold, David; Palma, Gianpaolo; Scopigno, Roberto; Proesmans, Marc; Stevenson, James
Insourcing, Outsourcing and Crowdsourcing 3D Collection Formation: Perspectives for Cultural Heritage Sites

Pitzalis, Denis; Christophorou, Elina; Kyriakou, Niki; Georgiadou, Aristoula; Niccolucci, Franco
Building Scholar e-communities Using a Semantically Aware Framework: Archaia Kypriaki Grammateia Digital Corpus

Kim, Min H.; Rushmeier, Holly; ffrench, John; Passeri, Irma
Developing Open-Source Software for Art Conservators

Sá, Asla M.; Echavarria, Karina Rodriguez; Griffin, Martin; Covill, Derek; Kaminski, Jaime; Arnold, David
Parametric 3D-fitted Frames for Packaging Heritage Artefacts

Hermon, Sorin; Khalaily, Hamudi; Milevski, Ianir; Amico, Nicola; Iannone, Giancarlo; Getzov, Nimrod
Archaeological Field Documentation and Architectonic Analysis - a 3D Approach. Ein Zippori as Study Case

Gallo, Alessandro; Angilica, Agostino; Bianco, Gianfranco; Filippo, Francesco De; Muzzupappa, Maurizio; Davidde, Barbara; Bruno, Fabio
3D Reconstruction and Virtual Exploration of Submerged Structures: a Case Study in the Underwater Archaeological Site of Baia (Italy)

Adami, Andrea; Carlani, R.; Kampen, I. van; Pietroni, Eva; Sannibale, M.
Digital Techniques for Etruscan Graves: the Etruscanning Project