Eurographics 2003 - Education Papers 2003

Pan, Zhigeng; Lun, Hung Pak; Gao, Rong
Interactive Learning of Computer Graphics Algorithms

Hu, Weihua; Zhu, Jiejie; Pan, Zhigeng; Li, Yanfeng; Ju, Cunhui
Learning by doing: A Case for Constructivist 3D Virtual Learning Environment

Pettersson, L. W.; Jensen, N.; Seipel, S.
A Virtual Laboratory for Computer Graphics Education

Hanisch, F.; Straßer, W.
Drag and Drop Scripting: How To Do Hypermedia Right

Figueiredo, Frederico C.; Eber, Dena E.; Jorge, Joaquim A.
A Refereed Server for Educational CG Content