Eurographics Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage 2021

Hulusic, Vedad; Chalmers, Alan
GCH 2021: Frontmatter

Ferraris, Christopher; Gatzidis, Christos; Davis, Tom; Hargood, Charlie
Capture, Processing and Presentation of Digital Cultural Items: Feedback from Cultural Heritage Practitioners

Anderson, Eike Falk; Adzhiev, Valery; Fryazinov, Oleg
Towards the Formal Teaching of CG Applications in Cultural Heritage for Computer Graphics and Animation Students

Farràs, Arnau; Comino Trinidad, Marc; Andujar, Carlos
Immersive Geometry-based and Image-based Exploration of Cultural Heritage Models

Rodriguez Echavarria, Karina; Samaroudi, Myrsini; LLoyd, Jack; Weyrich, Tim
Interactive 3D Artefact Puzzles to Support Engagement Beyond the Museum Environment

Hulusic, Vedad; Gusia, Linda; Luci, Nita; Smith, Michael
Tangible Interfaces for VR Cultural Heritage Application - School House Virtual Museum

Aristidou, Andreas; Andreou, Nefeli; Charalambous, Loukas; Yiannakidis, Anastasios; Chrysanthou, Yiorgos
Virtual Dance Museum: the Case of Greek/Cypriot Folk Dancing

Shitut, Kunal; Geigel, Joe; Decker, Juilee; Jacobs, Gary; Doherty, Amanda
Triggering the Past: Cultural Heritage Interpretation Using Augmented and Virtual Reality at a Living History Museum

Kutlu, Hasan; Ritz, Martin; Santos, Pedro; Fellner, Dieter W.
Fully Automatic Mechanical Scan Range Extension and Signal to Noise Optimization of a Lens-Shifted Structured Light System

Shen, Yifei; Wang, Zeyu; Sun, Qinying; Chen, Anne; Rushmeier, Holly
Reconstructing Dura-Europos From Sparse Photo Collections Using Deep Contour Extraction

Ellis, Ellen Conlan; Adzhiev, Valery
Reimagining a 2D Painted Portrait as a Kinetic 3D Sculpture

Horache, Sofiane; Deschaud, Jean-Emmanuel; Goulette, François; Gruel, Katherine; Lejars, Thierry; Masson, Olivier
Riedones3D: a Celtic Coin Dataset for Registration and Fine-grained Clustering

Thompson, Elia Moscoso; Ranieri, Andrea; Biasotti, Silvia
Automatic Segmentation of Archaeological Fragments with Relief Patterns using Convolutional Neural Networks

Pintus, Ruggero; Ahsan, Moonisa; Marton, Fabio; Gobbetti, Enrico
Exploiting Neighboring Pixels Similarity for Effective SV-BRDF Reconstruction from Sparse MLICs

Abate, Dante; Toumbas, Kyriakos; Faka, Marina
Invisible Heritage - Analysis and Technology Digital Platform

Baillet, Vincent; Mora, Pascal; Cou, Corentin; Tournon-Valiente, Sarah; Volait, Mercedes; Granier, Xavier; Pacanowski, Romain; Guennebaud, Gaël
3D for Studying Reuse in 19th Century Cairo: the Case of Saint-Maurice Residence

Musanovic, Adnan; Mijatovic, Bojan; Rizvic, Selma
3D Sound for Digital Cultural Heritage

Happa, Jassim; Bennett, Taylor; Gogioso, Stefano; Voiculescu, Irina; Howell, David; Crawford, Sally; Ulmschneider, Katharina; Ramsey, Christopher
Bridging the Discipline Gap: Towards Improving Heritage and Computer Graphics Research Collaboration

Houska, Peter; Lengauer, Stefan; Karl, Stephan; Preiner, Reinhold
Direct Elastic Unrollings of Painted Pottery Surfaces from Sparse Image Sets

Catalano, Chiara Eva; Brunetto, Erika; Mortara, Michela; Pizzi, Corrado
Challenges in the Digitisation of a High-reflective Artwork