Eurographics 2007 - Short Papers 2007

Preface and Table of Contents

Lin, Shujin; Luo, Xiaonan
A Unified Interpolatory and Approximation sqrt-3 Subdivision Scheme

Fournier, Marc; Dischler, J. - M.; Bechmann, D.
An Accurate Implicit Field Representation for Meshes and Its Adapted Triangulation Algorithms

Symonova, Olga; Amicis, Raffaele De
Shape Analysis for Augmented Topological Shape Descriptor

Tierny, Julien; Vandeborre, Jean-Philippe; Daoudi, Mohamed
Reeb Chart Unfolding Based 3D Shape Signatures

Straub, Raphael
Exact Computation of the Hausdorff Distance between Triangular Meshes

García, Francisco González; Feixas, Miquel; Sbert, Mateu
View-based Shape Similarity using Mutual Information Spheres

Brachmann, Christoph; Walther-Franks, Benjamin; JörnLoviscach,
Exemplar-based Worn Edges

Yoon, Jong-Chul; Lee, In-Kwon
Stabilized Noise

Ayala, Dolors
Improved Skeleton Computation of an Encoded Volume

Seshadrinathan, Manoj; Dempski, Kelly
High Speed Skin Color Detection and Localization on a GPU

Harada, Takahiro; Koshizuka, Seiichi; Kawaguchi, Yoichiro
Construction of Non-Blobby Surface from Particles

Lourakis, Manolis; Argyros, Antonis
Enforcing Scene Constraints in Single View Reconstruction

Seipel, Stefan
Volumetric Normal Mapping in Rendering of Multivariate Volume Data

Trapp, Matthias; Döller, Jürgen
Automated Combination of Real-Time Shader Programs

Ritschel, Tobias
Fast GPU-based Visibility Computation for Natural Illumination of Volume Data Sets

Zollmann, Stefanie; Bimber, Oliver
Imperceptible Calibration for Radiometric Compensation

Kuck, Roland
Object-Oriented Shader Design

Madera, Francisco; Day, A. M.; Laycock, S. D.
Fast Hierarchical Methods to Detect Collisions between Deformable Objects: A Comparison

Hansen, Christian; Köhn, Alexander; Zidowitz, Stephan; Peitgen, Heinz-Otto; Ritter, Felix
Simultaneous Visualization of Preoperative Planning Models and Intraoperative 2D Ultrasound for Liver Surgery

Redmond, Niall; Dingliana, John
Adaptive Abstraction of 3D scenes in Real-Time

Levente, Kovács; Tamás, Szirányi
Painterly Effects Rendering with Focus Based Level of Detail

Yuki, Morimoto; Tanaka, Masayuki; Tsuruno, Reiji; Tomimatsu, Kiyoshi
Liquid Diffusion Model that Accounts for a Variety of Dyeing Parameters

Heise, Sebastian; Loviscach, Jörn
Real-Time 3D Lettering with a 2D Font Engine

Cuntz, Nicolas; Kolb, Andreas
Fast Hierarchical 3D Distance Transforms on the GPU

Groenegress, Christoph; Slater, Mel; Tamke, Martin; Thomsen, Mette Ramsgard
Spinoff - Transferring Energy between Real and Virtual Worlds

Papaleo, Laura; Floriani, Leila De; Hendler, Jim
Bridging Semantic Web and Digital Shapes

Wu, Fan; Agu, Emmanuel; Lindsay, Clifford
Pareto-Based Perceptual Metric for Imperceptible Simplification on Mobile Displays

Ruttkay, Zsofia; Orbons, Erik
Take a Stroll in Another World

Haciomeroglu, Murat; Laycock, Robert; Day, Andy
Virtual Agent Navigation in Open Spaces using Iterative Shrinking Polygons

Köhn, Alexander; Weiler, Florian; Klein, Jan; Konrad, Olaf; Hahn, Horst; Peitgen, Heinz-Otto
State-of-the-Art Computer Graphics in Neurosurgical Planning and Risk Assessment

Mori, Yuki; Igarashi, Takeo; Haraguchi, Ryo; Nakazawa, Kazuo
A Pen-based Interface for Generating Graphical Reports of Findings in Cardiac Catheterization

Sumanaweera, Thilaka; Conti, Francois; Maguire, Patrick
Analysis of the Pulmonary Vein Ostia using Cardiac 4DCT for Radiosurgical Ablation