Eurographics Workshop on Urban Data Modelling and Visualisation 2013

Vierjahn, Tom; Roters, Jan; Moser, Manuel; Hinrichs, Klaus; Mostafawy, Sina
Online Reconstruction of Textured Triangle Meshes from Aerial Images

Vahl, Matthias; Lukas, Uwe von
Toward Automated Façades Generation from Oblique Aerial Images

Oesau, Sven; Lafarge, Florent; Alliez, Pierre
Indoor Scene Reconstruction using Primitive-driven Space Partitioning and Graph-cut

Muñoz-Pandiella, Imanol; Andújar, Carlos; Patow, Gustavo
NightLighting: a Nocturnal Urban Illumination Approach

Beckers, Benoit
Taking Advantage of Low Radiative Coupling in 3D Urban Models

Seipel, Stefan; Lingfors, David; Widén, Joakim
Dual-Domain Visual Exploration of Urban Solar Potential

Patow, Gustavo; Besuievsky, Gonzalo
Challenges in Procedural Modeling of Buildings

Ilcik, Martin; Wimmer, Michael
Challenges and Ideas in Procedural Modeling of Interiors

Musialski, Przemyslaw; Wimmer, Michael
Inverse-Procedural Methods for Urban Models

Zhang, Fan; Tourre, Vincent; Moreau, Guillaume
A General Strategy for Semantic Levels of Detail Visualization in Urban Environment

Dias, Luís; Silva, Nelson; Cardoso, Tiago; Fonseca, Manuel J.
Understanding City Dynamics through Spatio-temporal Visualization

Jordao, Kevin; Pettré, Julien; Cani, Marie-Paule
Interactive Techniques for Populating Large Virtual Cities