EG 1991-Technical Papers 1991

Zahlten, Cornelia; Jürgens, Hartmut
Continuation Methods for Approximating Isovalued Complex Surfaces

Frühauf, Martin
Combining Volume Rendering with Line and Surface Rendering

Patel, Manjula; Willis, Philip J.
FACES: Facial Animation, Construction and Editing System

Hall, Roy; Bussan, Mimi; Georgiades, Priamos; Greenberg, Donald P.
A Testbed for Architectural Modeling

Preea, Wolfgang; Pornberger, Gustav; Sikora, Hermann
Construction Techniques of Graphic, Direct-Manipulation User Interfaces

Sung, Kelvin
A DDA Octree Traversal Algorithm for Ray Tracing

Sakas, Georgios; Gerth, Matthias
Sampling and Anti-Aliasing of Discrete 3-D Volume Density Textures

Gröller, Eduard; Purgathofer, Werner
Using temporal and spatial coherence for accelerating the calculation of animation sequences

Bruzzone, Elisabetta; De Floriani, Leila
Validity Issues for Modular Boundary Models

Breen, David E.
Constructive Cubes: CSG Evaluation For Display Using Discrete 3-D Scalar Data Sets

Falcidieno, B.; Giannini, F.; Porzia, C.; Spagnuolo, M.
Configurable Representations in Feature-based Modelling

van Walsum, Theo; van Nieuwenhuizen, Peter R.; Jansen, Frederik W.
Refinement criteria for adaptive stochastic ray tracing of textures

Bouville, Christian; Tellier, Pierre; Bouatouch, Kadi
Low Sampling Densities using a psychovisual approach

Shirley, Peter
Discrepancy as a Quality Measure for Sample Distributions

Johnson, C.W.; Harrison, M.D.
Declarative Graphics And Dynamic Interaction

Slater, Mel; Davison, Allan
Liberation from Flatland: 3D Interaction Based on the Desktop Bat

Samuel, J. F.
A constraint-based UIMS using graph unification

Tanaka, Toshimitsu; Takahashi, Tokiichiro
Shading with Area Light Sources

Vafiadou, Maria - Eleni; Patrikalakis, Nicholas M.
Interrogation of Offsets of Polynomial Surface Patches

Tost, Daniele
An Algorithm of hidden Surface Removal based on Frame-To- Frame Coherence

Samara, Veronika; Wiedling, Hans-Peter
Constructive Page Description Opening Up the Prepress World

Took, Roger
Integrating Inheritance and Composition in an Objective Presentation Model for Multiple Media

Ertl, Gerhard; Müller-Seelich, Heimo; Tabatabai, Behnam
MOVE-X: A System for Combining Video Films and Computer Animation

Schmitt, Francis; Cken, Xin; Du, Wen-Hui
Geometric Modelling from Range Image Data

Buche, Patrice
Serial cuttings matching: An application to muscle fiber characterization

Carlsen, Niels Vejrup; Christensen, Niels Jorgen
A Symmetrical Input/Output Model

Cugini, John V.
Interactive Conformance Testing for PHIGS

Fellner, Dieter W.; Helmberg, Christoph
Fast Rendering of General Ellipses

Abi-Ezzi, Salim S.; Shirman, Leon A.
Tessellation of Curved Surfaces under Highly Varying Transformations

Popovic, M.; Chantemargue, F.; Canals, R.; Bonton, P.
Several approaches to implement the merging step of the split and merge region segmentation

Smith, Jeff; Drewery, Karin
Timewarps: A Temporal Reparameterization Paradigm for Parametric Animation

Luciani, Annie; Jimenez, Stephane; Florens, Jean Loup; Cadoz, Claude; Raoult, Olivier
Computational Physics : A Modeler - Simulator for animated physical Objects

Geymayer, Barbara; Prantl, Manfred; Müller-Seelich, Heimo; Tabatabai, Behnam
Animation of Landscapes Using Satellite Imagery

Chen, Hong; Wu, En-Hua
Radiosity for Furry Surfaces

Shirley, Peter
Time Complexity of Monte Carlo Radiosity

Trumbore, Ben; Lytle, Wayne; Greenberg, Donald P.
A Testbed for Image Synthesis

Miuraa, Kenjiro Takai; Wangb, Kuo-King
C 2 Gregory patch

Kaul, Anil; Rossignac, Jarek
Solid-Interpolating Deformations: Construction and animation of PIPs

Harada, T.; Konnoa, K.; Chiyokura, H.
Variable-Radius Blending by Using Gregory Patches in Geo- metric Modeling

Colour Illustrations