Visualization in Scientific Computing '98 1998

Frank, Karin; Lang, Ulrich
Data-Dependent Surface Simplification

Klein, Reinhard; Gumhold, Stefan
Data Compression of Multiresolution Surfaces

Allamandri, Fabio; Cignoni, Paolo; Montani, Claudio; Scopigno, Roberto
Adaptively Adjusting Marching Cubes Output to Fit A Trilinear Reconstruction Filter

Schilling, Andreas; Klein, Reinhard
Fast Generation of Multiresolution Surfaces from Contours

Reinders, Freek; Spoelder, Hans J.W.; Post, Frits H.
Experiments on the Accuracy of Feature Extraction

Löffelmann, Helwig; Gröller, Eduard
Enhancing the Visualization of Characteristic Structures in Dynamical Systems

Sadarjoen, Ari; Boer, Alex J. de; Post, Frits H.; Mynett, Arthur E.
Particle Tracing in σ-Transformed Grids using Tetrahedral 6-Decomposition

Teitzel, Christian; Grosso, Roberto; Ertl, Thomas
Particle Tracing on Sparse Grids

Becker, Joachim; Rumpf, Martin
Visualization of Time-Dependent Velocity Fields by Texture Transport

Hubbold, Roger J.; Hancock, David J.; Moore, Christopher J.
Stereoscopic Volume Rendering

Haase, Helmut
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who Has the Best Visualization of All?- A Reference Model for Visualization Quality

Sroubek, Filip; Slavik, Pavel
Three-Dimensional Visualization of Atomic Collision Cascades