Computer Graphics Forum 2020 / CGF 39 - 4 

Dachsbacher, Carsten; Pharr, Matt
Rendering 2020 CGF 39-4: Frontmatter

Munkberg, Jacob; Hasselgren, Jon
Neural Denoising with Layer Embeddings

Hillaire, Sébastien
A Scalable and Production Ready Sky and Atmosphere Rendering Technique

Diolatzis, Stavros; Gruson, Adrien; Jakob, Wenzel; Nowrouzezahrai, Derek; Drettakis, George
Practical Product Path Guiding Using Linearly Transformed Cosines

Zhu, Shilin; Xu, Zexiang; Jensen, Henrik Wann; Su, Hao; Ramamoorthi, Ravi
Deep Kernel Density Estimation for Photon Mapping

Wang, Sunrise; Holzschuch, Nicolas
Adaptive Matrix Completion for Fast Visibility Computations with Many Lights Rendering

Bieron, James; Peers, Pieter
An Adaptive BRDF Fitting Metric

Gitlina, Yuliya; Guarnera, Giuseppe Claudio; Dhillon, Daljit Singh; Hansen, Jan; Lattas, Alexandros; Pai, Dinesh; Ghosh, Abhijeet
Practical Measurement and Reconstruction of Spectral Skin Reflectance

Deschaintre, Valentin; Drettakis, George; Bousseau, Adrien
Guided Fine-Tuning for Large-Scale Material Transfer

Zsolnai-Fehér, Károly; Wonka, Peter; Wimmer, Michael
Photorealistic Material Editing Through Direct Image Manipulation

Heitz, Eric
Can't Invert the CDF? The Triangle-Cut Parameterization of the Region under the Curve

Öztireli, A. Cengiz
A Comprehensive Theory and Variational Framework for Anti-aliasing Sampling Patterns

Hart, David; Pharr, Matt; Müller, Thomas; Lopes, Ward; McGuire, Morgan; Shirley, Peter
Practical Product Sampling by Fitting and Composing Warps

Guehl, Pascal; Allègre, Remi; Dischler, Jean-Michel; Benes, Bedrich; Galin, Eric
Semi-Procedural Textures Using Point Process Texture Basis Functions

Naruniec, Jacek; Helminger, Leonhard; Schroers, Christopher; Weber, Romann M.
High-Resolution Neural Face Swapping for Visual Effects