VisGap - The Gap between Visualization Research and Visualization Software 2020

Gillmann, Christina; Krone, Michael; Reina, Guido; Wischgoll, Thomas
VisGap 2020: Frontmatter

Schmidt, Johanna; Ortner, Thomas
Visualization in Notebook-Style Interfaces

Espadoto, Mateus; Vernier, Eduardo Faccin; Telea, Alexandru C.
Selecting and Sharing Multidimensional Projection Algorithms: A Practical View

Bemis, Karen
Framing the Challenges of Operational and Domain Usage of Volume Visualization Methods in Ocean Science

Maack, Robin Georg Claus; Saur, Dorothee; Hagen, Hans; Scheuermann, Gerik; Gillman, Christina
Towards Closing the Gap of Medical Visualization Research and Clinical Daily Routine

Jänicke, Stefan; Kaur, Pawandeep; Kuzmicki, Pawel; Schmidt, Johanna
Participatory Visualization Design as an Approach to Minimize the Gap between Research and Application

Gospodnetic, Petra; Rauhut, Markus; Hagen, Hans
From Research Topic to Industrial Practice: An Experience Report

Raidou, Renata Georgia; Furmanová, Katarína; Grossmann, Nicolas; Casares-Magaz, Oscar; Moiseenko, Vitali; Einck, John P.; Gröller, Eduard; Muren, Ludvig P.
Lessons Learnt from Developing Visual Analytics Applications for Adaptive Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy

Skrodzki, Martin
How the Deprecation of Java Applets Affected Online Visualization Frameworks - A Case Study

Günther, Ulrik; Harrington, Kyle I. S.
Tales from the Trenches: Developing sciview, a new 3D viewer for the ImageJ community

Nonaka, Jorji; Sakamoto, Naohisa
Lessons Learned from Large Data Visualization Software Development for the K computer