Eurographics 2010 - State of the Art Reports 2010

Hauser, Helwig; Reinhard, Erik

Lagae, A.; Lefebvre, S.; Cook, R.; DeRose, T.; Drettakis, G.; Ebert, D. S.; Lewis, J. P.; Perlin, K.; Zwicker, M.
State of the Art in Procedural Noise Functions

Scherzer, D.; Wimmer, M.; Purgathofer, W.
A Survey of Real-Time Hard Shadow Mapping Methods

Landesberger, T. von; Kuijper, A.; Schreck, T.; Kohlhammer, J.; Wijk, J. J. van; Fekete, J.-D.; Fellner, Dieter W.
Visual Analysis of Large Graphs

Kaick, O. van; Zhang, H.; Hamarneh, G.; Cohen-Or, D.
A Survey on Shape Correspondence

Pouli, T.; Cunningham, D. W.; Reinhard, E.
Image Statistics and their Applications in Computer Graphics

Weiss, K.; Floriani, L. De
Simplex and Diamond Hierarchies: Models and Applications

Pobitzer, A.; Peikert, R.; Fuchs, R.; Schindler, B.; Kuhn, A.; Theisel, H.; Matkovic, K.; Hauser, H.
On the Way Towards Topology-Based Visualization of Unsteady Flow