International Congress on Digital Heritage - Theme 2 - Computer Graphics And Interaction 2015

Duliu, Alexandru; Jakob, Vogel; Serafima, Sister; Lasser, Tobias; Navab, Nassir
Illumination Compensation for High-resolution Multispectral Image Mosaicing of Herritage Paintings

Ciortan, Irina Mihaela; Deborah, Hilda; George, Sony; Hardeberg, Jon Yngve
Color and Hyperspectral Image Segmentation for Historical Documents

Stout, Samantha; Strawson, James; Lo, Eric; Kuester, Falko
The WAVEcam: Ultra-High Resolution Imaging of Paintings

Huang, Xiang; Walton, Marc; Bearman, Greg; Cossairt, Oliver
Near Light Correction for Image Relighting and 3D Shape Recovery

Callieri, Marco; Pingi, Paolo; Potenziani, Marco; Dellepiane, Matteo; Pavoni, Gaia; Lureau, Aurelia; Scopigno, Roberto
Alchemy in 3D - A Digitization for a Journey Through Matter

Guidazzoli, Antonella; Imboden, Silvano; Luca, Daniele De; Liguori, Maria Chiara; Verri, Luigi; Bellavia, Giovanni; Russo, Alfonsina; Lucia, Maria Anna De; Cosentino, Rita
The Etruscans and the Afterlife - An Engaging Exhibition with Accurate Scientific, Technological and Communicative Requirements

Siotto, Eliana; Palma, Gianpaolo; Potenziani, Marco; Scopigno, Roberto
Digital Study and Web-based Documentation of the Colour and Gilding on Ancient Marble Artworks

Gabellone, Francesco; Ferrari, Ivan; Giuri, Francesco
The Palmieri Hypogeum in Lecce - From the Integrated Survey to the Dissemination of Contents

Berrier, Seth; Tetzlaff, Michael; Ludwig, Michael; Meyer, Gary
Improved Appearance Rendering for Photogrammetrically Acquired 3D Models

Fanini, Bruno; D'Annibale, Enzo; Demetrescu, Emanuel; Pagano, Alfonsina; Ferdani, Daniele
Engaging and Shared Gesture-based Interaction for Museums - The Case Study of K2R International Expo in Rome

Pletinckx, Daniel; Capurro, Carlotta; Nollet, Dries
Tangible Interfaces for Digital Museum Applications

Fabola, Adeola; Miller, Alan; Fawcett, Richard
Exploring the Past with Google Cardboard

Olbrich, Manuel; Keil, Jens; Makiela, Thomas
Heritage Move. A Natural and Lightweight Navigation Schema for Low-Cost, Non-Stationary Immersive Virtual Environments

Kalarat, Kosin
Parallax Occlusion Mapping in Augmented Reality Case Study on Facade of Sino Portuguese Architecture Phuket, Thailand

Rodríguez, Alejandro; León, Alejandro
Smartphone-based Remote 3D Interaction for Digital Heritage Applications

Davies, Chris; Miller, Alan; Fawcett, Richard
Mobile Onsite Exploration of Parallel Realities with Oculus Rift

Abergel, Violette; Saleri, Renato; Lequay, Hervé; Luca, Livio De
An Immersive Visualization Kit for Online 3D Objects Databases

Malomo, Luigi; Banterle, Francesco; Pingi, Paolo; Gabellone, Francesco; Scopigno, Roberto
VirtualTour: A System for Exploring Cultural Heritage Sites in an Immersive Way

Rossi, Daniele
A Hand-held 3D-Printed Box Projector - Study for a Souvenir from a Mixed-Reality Experience

Guimaraes, Francisco; Figueiredo, Mauto; Rodrigues, Jose
Augmented Reality and Storytelling in Heritage - Application to Public Gardens

Shih, Patrick C.; Han, Kyungsik; Carroll, John
Engaging Community Members with Digitally Curated Social Media Content at an Arts Festival

Sánchez, José Antonio; Fernández, Marcos; Gutiérrez, Javier
Inside AR Application - Bringing Art Closer to Citizens by Promoting the Use of Smartphones and Tablets

Rattanarungrot, Sasithorn; White, Martin; Jackson, Ben
The Application of Service Orientation on a Mobile AR Platform - A Museum Scenario

Pozzebon, Alessandro; Calamai, Silvia
Smart Devices for Intangible Cultural Heritage Fruition

Graf, Holger; Keil, Jens; Engelke, Timo; Pagano, Alfonsina; Pescarin, Sofia
A Contextualized Educational Museum Experience - Connecting Objects, Places and Themes Through Mobile Virtual Museums

Khalil, Mohamed; Omar, Karim; Oransa, Sameh
Resolving the Conflict Between High Visual Quality and High Performance in Virtual Reality Applications Keys to Rome Project as Case Study

Diaz, Paloma; Bellucci, Andrea; Aedo, Ignacio
Enabling Social Interaction in the Museum through the Social Display Environment

Pantile, Davide; Frasca, Roberto; Mazzeo, Antonio; Ventrella, Matteo; Verreschi, Giovanni
Innovative Systems for the Enjoyment of Pictorial Works - The Experience of Gallerie dell'Accademia Museum in Venice

Vayanou, Maria; Katifori, Akrivi; Kourtis, Vassilis; Bomers, Erna; Jong, Niels de
Interactive Experiences in the Stedelijk Museum, A Living Lab Experiment with the CHESS Framework

Garagnani, Simone; Bravo, Luisa; Madrigal, José Manuel Pagés
The Lion's Gate and the Persian Wall in Byblos - Opening the Doors of Digital Representation to the Cultural Heritage of a Resilient City in Lebanon

Borra, Davide
Digital Panorama

Fischnaller, Franz; Guidazzoli, Antonella; Imboden, Silvano; Luca, Daniele De; Liguori, Maria Chiara; Russo, Alfonsina; Lucia, Maria Anna De; Cosentino, Rita
Sarcophagus of the Spouses Installation - Intersection Across Archaeology, 3D Video Mapping and Holographic Techniques Combined with Immersive Narrative Environments and Scenography

Schütz, Markus; Wimmer, Michael
High-Quality Point Based Rendering Using Fast Single Pass Interpolation

Pagano, Alfonsina; Armone, Giulia; Sanctis, Elisabetta De
Virtual Museums and Audience Studies, the Case of ''Keys To Rome'' Exhibition

Kontogianni, Georgia; Georgopoulos, Andreas
A Realistic Gamification Attempt for the Ancient Agora of Athens

Elrawi, Osama
The Digital ArchiMusic Patterns in Alhambra

Ludwig, Michael; Meyer, Gary
Environment Map Based Lighting for Reflectance Transformation Images

Farouk, Mohamed; Ibrahim, Mohamed Ismail; Mustafa, Karam
VR Multiple Channel Authoring with Immersive Display

Pacheco, Daniel; Wierenga, Sytse; Omedas, Pedro; Knoch, Habbo; Billib, Stephanie; Wilbricht, Stefan; Verschure, Paul
A Location-Based Augmented Reality System for the Spatial Interaction with Historical Datasets

Khan, Muqeem
A Radicalized Phenomenological Transformation Of Greek/Unani Humoral Theory Into A Virtual Reality Based Game Engine

Giloth, Copper; Tanant, Jonathan
User Experiences in Three Approaches to a Visit to a 3D Labyrinthe of Versailles

Vletter, Willem
Using a Gaming Software for Historical Road and Path Research

Gouveia, João; Branco, Fernando; Rodrigues, Armanda; Correia, Nuno
Travelling Through Space and Time in Lisbon's Religious Buildings

Jinho, Park; Tufail, Muhammad; Jisoo, Kim
A Virtual Reality Platform for the 3D Representation of Seokguram Temple

Vavoula, Giasemi; Tseliou, Maria-Anna; Coleman, Sally; Ffoster-Jones, Rheinallt; Long, Paul; Simpson, Esther
Leicester Castle Tells its Story: Beacon-based Mobile Interpretation for Historic Buildings

Tredinnick, John; Richens, Paul
A Fulldome Interactive Visitor Experience - A Novel Approach to Delivering Interactive Virtual Heritage Experiences to Group Audiences in Full Dome Projection Spaces, Evaluated Through Spatial Awareness and Emotional Response

Monaci, Sara; Morreale, Domenico; Cuniberti, Gianluca; Equizzi, Mariano; Sanna, Andrea
StoryTECH 4 EVER - Storytelling TECHnologies for European Values and hERitage

Haake, Susanne; Müller, Wolfgang
New Memory Spaces for Cultural History - Digital Heritage Games in a Augmented World

Bergerot, Laurent
A MetaViewer for Sharing Multiple Media by WebGL-based Interfaces

Esclapés, Javier; Tejerina, Daniel; Martín, Alejandro; Fabregat, Laia
Development of a Low-Cost Application of Virtual Reality for the Promotion of Cultural Heritage

Kang, Kyung-Kyu; Lee, Jihyung; Park, Chang Joon; Kim, Jae Woo; Lee, Man Hee
X-Top - An Interactive Exhibition for Building Experience with Mini-Components of Stone Pagoda