Eurographics 2022 - Tutorials 2022

Kerbl, Bernhard; Kenzel, Michael; Winter, Martin; Steinberger, Markus
CUDA and Applications to Task-based Programming

Loscos, Celine; Souchet, Philippe; Barrios, Théo; Valenzise, Giuseppe; Cozot, Rémi
From Capture to Immersive Viewing of 3D HDR Point Clouds

Aristidou, Andreas; Chalmers, Alan; Chrysanthou, Yiorgos; Loscos, Celine; Multon, Franck; Parkins, J. E.; Sarupuri, Bhuvan; Stavrakis, Efstathios
Safeguarding our Dance Cultural Heritage

Song, Peng; Wang, Ziqi; Livesu, Marco
Computational Assemblies: Analysis, Design, and Fabrication

Rodolà, Emanuele; Cosmo, Luca; Ovsjanikov, Maks; Rampini, Arianna; Melzi, Simone; Bronstein, Michael; Marin, Riccardo
Inverse Computational Spectral Geometry

Ohrhallinger, Stefan; Peethambaran, Jiju; Parakkat, Amal Dev; Dey, Tamal K.; Muthuganapathy, R.
2D Points Curve Reconstruction Survey and Benchmark

Marshall, Carl S.; Vembar, Deepak S.; Ganguly, Sujoy; Guinier, Florent
Practical Machine Learning for Rendering: From Research to Deployment

Talbot, Hugo
SOFA: an Open-source Solution for Physics Simulation

Hahmann, Stefanie; Patow, Gustavo A.
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