Spanish Computer Graphics Conference (CEIG) 2015

Mateu Sbert; Miguel Chover
Frontmatter: XXV Spanish Computer Graphics Conference

Sánchez-Banderas, Rosa María; Barreiro, Héctor; García-Fernández, Ignacio; Pérez, Mariano
Real-time Inextensible Hair with Volume and Shape

Galindo, Sergio E.; Toharia, Pablo; Lopez-Moreno, Jorge; Robles, Oscar D.; Pastor, Luis
PREFR: A Flexible Particle Rendering Framework

Jarabo, Adrian; Buisan, Raul; Gutierrez, Diego
Bidirectional Clustering for Scalable VPL-based Global Illumination

Casafranca, Juan José; Sújar, Aaron; García, Marcos
An Interactive Algorithm for Virtual Patient Positioning

Rodríguez-Andrés, David; Cárdenas, Sonia; Juan, M. Carmen; Pérez-Hernández, E.; Méndez-López, Magda; Lluch, Javier
Stereoscopic visualization systems: Comparison between a Large Passive Display and a Head Mounted Display

Serrano, Ana; Gutierrez, Diego; Masia, Belen
Compressive High Speed Video Acquisition

Garces, Elena; Martin, Fernando; Gutierrez, Diego
Low Cost Decomposition of Direct and Global Illumination in Real Scenes

Surinyac, Jordi; Brunet, Pere
Surfel Octrees: A New Scheme for Interactive Inspection of Anatomy Atlases in Client-Server Applications

Alduán, Iván; Tena, Angel; Otaduy, Miguel A.
Efficient and Robust Position-Based Fluids for VFX

Plumed, Raquel; Company, Pedro; Varley, Peter A. C.
A New Approach for Perceptually-based Fitting Strokes into Straight Segments

Patow, Gustavo
Easy Going Vector Graphics as Textures on the GPU

Bishop, M. Scott; Max, Nelson
Industrial Facility Modeling Using Procedural Methods

Soriano, Carlos; Patow, Gustavo
Simulation of the Commercial Market Evolution in a City

Graciano, Alejandro; Rueda, Antonio J.; Feito, Francisco R.; Martínez, Francisco
A 3DWeb Application for Weather Forecast Based on WebGL

Pastor, Luis; Mata, Susana; Toharia, Pablo; Bayona, Sofia; Brito, Juan Pedro; Garcia-Cantero, Juan Jose
NeuroScheme: Efficient Multiscale Representations for the Visual Exploration of Morphological Data in the Human Brain Neocortex