Computer Graphics Forum 2012

Preface and Table of Contents

Solomon, Justin; Vouga, Etienne; Wardetzky, Max; Grinspun, Eitan
Flexible Developable Surfaces

Jacobson, Alec; Weinkauf, Tino; Sorkine, Olga
Smooth Shape-Aware Functions with Controlled Extrema

Berger, Matthew; Silva, Claudio T.
Nonrigid Matching of Undersampled Shapes via Medial Diffusion

Kalojanov, Javor; Bokeloh, Martin; Wand, Michael; Guibas, Leonidas; Seidel, Hans-Peter; Slusallek, Philipp
Microtiles: Extracting Building Blocks from Correspondences

Liu, Tianqiang; Kim, Vladimir G.; Funkhouser, Thomas
Finding Surface Correspondences Using Symmetry Axis Curves

Solomon, Justin; Nguyen, Andy; Butscher, Adrian; Ben-Chen, Mirela; Guibas, Leonidas
Soft Maps Between Surfaces

Sheehy, Donald R.
New Bounds on the Size of Optimal Meshes

Delamé, Thomas; Roudet, Céline; Faudot, Dominique
From A Medial Surface To A Mesh

Vaxman, Amir
Modeling Polyhedral Meshes with Affine Maps

Bouaziz, Sofien; Deuss, Mario; Schwartzburg, Yuliy; Weise, Thibaut; Pauly, Mark
Shape-Up: Shaping Discrete Geometry with Projections

Giachetti, Andrea; Lovato, Christian
Radial Symmetry Detection and Shape Characterization with the Multiscale Area Projection Transform

Weber, Ofir; Myles, Ashish; Zorin, Denis
Computing Extremal Quasiconformal Maps

Mellado, Nicolas; Guennebaud, Gaël; Barla, Pascal; Reuter, Patrick; Schlick, Christophe
Growing Least Squares for the Analysis of Manifolds in Scale-Space

Hu, Ruizhen; Fan, Lubin; Liu, Ligang
Co-Segmentation of 3D Shapes via Subspace Clustering

Vása, Libor; Rus, Jan
Dihedral Angle Mesh Error: a Fast Perception Correlated Distortion Measure for Fixed Connectivity Triangle Meshes

Schulze, Maik; Germer, Tobias; Rössl, Christian; Theisel, Holger
Stream Surface Parametrization by Flow-Orthogonal Front Lines

Tagliasacchi, Andrea; Alhashim, Ibraheem; Olson, Matt; Zhang, Hao
Mean Curvature Skeletons

Kazhdan, Michael; Solomon, Jake; Ben-Chen, Mirela
Can Mean-Curvature Flow be Modified to be Non-singular?

Heeren, Behrend; Rumpf, Martin; Wardetzky, Max; Wirth, Benedikt
Time-Discrete Geodesics in the Space of Shells

Boulch, Alexandre; Marlet, Renaud
Fast and Robust Normal Estimation for Point Clouds with Sharp Features

Chen, Renjie; Gotsman, Craig
Parallel Blue-noise Sampling by Constrained Farthest Point Optimization

Dey, Tamal K.; Ge, Xiaoyin; Que, Qichao; Safa, Issam; Wang, Lei; Wang, Yusu
Feature-Preserving Reconstruction of Singular Surfaces