Eurographics 2011 - Areas Papers 2011

Reichinger, A.; Maierhofer, S.; Purgathofer, W.
High-Quality Tactile Paintings

Zhang, Jiawan; Zhang, Yi; Zhang, Shengping; Yan, Lixia; Chen, Jinyan
Multispectral Image Matting of Ancient Chinese Paintings

Funkhouser, T.; Shin, H.; Toler-Franklin, C.; Castañeda, A. García; Brown, B.; Dobkin, D.; Rusinkiewicz, S.; Weyrich, T.
Learning How to Match Fresco Fragments

Pintus, Ruggero; Gobbetti, Enrico; Callieri, Marco
A Streaming Framework for Seamless Detailed Photo Blending on Massive Point Clouds

Melendez, F.; Glencross, M.; Ward, G. J.; Hubbold, R. J.
Relightable Buildings from Images

Calogero, Erica; Tyson, Nick; Arnold, David; Morris, David
Using Procedural Modelling as a Framework for Representing Style: An Example from Regency Architecture

Happa, Jassim; Bashford-Rogers, Tom; Debattista, Kurt; Chalmers, Alan
Rendering Interior Cultural Heritage Scenes Using Image-based Shooting

Banterle, Francesco; Dellepiane, Matteo; Scopigno, Roberto
Enhancement of Low Dynamic Range Videos using High Dynamic Range Backgrounds

Grimstead, I. J.; Avis, N. J.
Avoiding Chromaticity Creep with PseudoGrey

Kölzer, K.; Nagl, F.; Grimm, P.
Synthesizing Relative Radiance for Realistic Rendering of Virtual Objects in 3D Photo Collections

Akyüzy, Ahmet Oguz
Photographically Guided Alignment for HDR Images

Castro, T. K.; Chapiro, A.; Cicconet, M.; Velho, L.
Towards Mobile HDR Video

Mantiuk, R.; Cybularczyk, J.; Cichowicz, M.; Smyk, M.; Bazyluk, B.
HDR Photographic Pipeline for Camera Modules in Mobile Devices