Eurographics Italian Chapter Conference 2007

Han, Li; Amicis, Raffaele De; Conti, Giuseppe
Spline-based Shape Modeling by 3D Sketching

Martinelli, Alessandro
An Efficient Algorithm for Adaptive Segmentation and Tessellation with Pixel Precision

Porcu, Massimiliano B.; Scateni, Riccardo
Rewriting Rules for the Dual Graph of a Stripified CLOD Mesh

Martinelli, Alessandro
Explicit Adaptive Tessellation based on re-parametrization on Graphics Hardware

Farenzena, M.; Cristani, M.; Castellani, U.; Fusiello, A.
3D Objects Face Clustering using Unsupervised Mean Shift

Mueller-Wittig, Wolfgang; Voss, Gerrit
Challenges for modern Scene-Graph Systems

Liverani, Alfredo; Grandi, Stefania
Marker-less Real-time Camera Registration for Mixed Reality

Battiato, S.; Blasi, G. Di; Gallo, G.; Patti, S.
Ramses: a Visual Steganographic System

Battiato, Sebastiano; Puglisi, Giovanni
Rendering Order Optimization for SVGStat Improvement

Stocklöw, Carsten; Noll, Stefan
Realtime Wavelet Video Encoding with Generic Graphics Processing Unit

Albertoni, Riccardo; Papaleo, Laura; Robbiano, Francesco
Preserving Information from Real Objects to Digital Shapes

Paraboschi, L.; Biasotti, S.; Falcidieno, B.
3D Scene Comparison using Topological Graphs

Crovetto, Chiara; Floriani, Leila De; Giannini, Franca
Form Features in Non-manifold Shapes: A First Classification and Analysis

Falcidieno, Bianca
Bringing the Semantics into Digital Shapes: the AIM@SHAPE Approach

Gironimo, G. Di; Marzano, A.; Tarallo, A.
Human Robot Interaction in Virtual Reality

Dellisanti, M.; Fiorentino, M.; Monno, G.; Uva, A. E.
Flexible Multimodal Architecture for CAD Application

Cappello, F.; Ingrassia, T.; Romano, M.
VR Studio: Solid Modelling in a Virtual Reality Environment

Bordegoni, Monica; Caruso, Giandomenico; Ferrise, Francesco; Giraudo, Umberto
A Mixed Environment for Ergonomics Tests: Tuning of Stereo Viewing Parameters

Stork, Andre; Danch, Daniel
Mobile Presence - a Computer Graphics Utopia?

Bilotta, E.; Pantano, P.; Bertacchini, F.; Gabriele, L.; Longo, G.; Mazzeo, V.; Rizzuti, C.; Talarico, A.; Tocci, G.; Vena, S.
ImaginationTOOLS (TM)- A 3D Environment for Learning and Playing Music

Bettio, Fabio; Giachetti, Andrea; Gobbetti, Enrico; Marton, Fabio; Pintore, Giovanni
A Practical Vision Based Approach to Unencumbered Direct Spatial Manipulation in Virtual Worlds

Chittaro, Luca
"Beyond the desktop, Out of the Office..." Designing Interactive Graphics Applications for Mobile Devices

Turini, G.; Pietroni, N.; Ganovelli, F.; Scopigno, R.
Techniques for Computer Assisted Surgery

Agus, Marco; Bettio, Fabio; Gobbetti, Enrico; Pintore, Giovanni
Medical Visualization with New Generation Spatial 3D Displays

Krämer, Michel; Haist, Jörg; Reitz, Thorsten
Methods for Spatial Data Quality of 3D City Models

Witzel, M.; Andreolli, M.; Conti, G.; Amicis, R. De; Araújo, B. De; Jota, R.; Jorge, J.
Collaborative Visualization of Sensor Data Through a Subscription based Architecture

Bertacchini, P. A.; Dell'Accio, A.; Mallamaci, L.; Pantano, E.
Benefits of Innovative Technologies for "Territorial Communication": the Case of Study "Virtual Museum Net of Magna Graecia"

Guidazzoli, Antonella; Ponti, Francesca Delli
Daily Life in the Middle Ages - Parma in the Cathedral Age

Bertacchini, P. A.; Bilotta, E.; Pantano, P.; Battiato, S.; Cronin, M.; Blasi, G. Di; Talarico, A.; Tavernise, A.
Modelling and Animation of Theatrical Greek Masks in an Authoring System

Cuoghi, E.; Gherardi, R.; Toldo, R.
The Dance of the Air: a Case Study in Interactive Digital Art

Chiara, Rosario De; Santo, Valentina Di; Erra, Ugo; Scarano, Vittorio
Real Positioning in Virtual Environments Using Game Engines

Bilotta, E.; Pantano, P.
Patterns of Creativity in Design

Gonzo, L.; Voltolini, F.; Girardi, S.; Rizzi, A.; Remondino, F.; El-Hakim, S. F.
Multiple Techniques Approach to the 3D Virtual Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage

Bilotta, E.; Pantano, P.; Rinaudo, S.; Servidio, R.; Talarico, V.
Use of a 3D Graphical User Interface in Microelectronics Learning and Simulation of an Industrial Application

Cerniglia, D.; Nigrelli, V.; Prior, F.
Dynamic Rail Inspection by Vision System

Magrassi, Grazia; Bordegoni, Monica
Product Design, Reverse Engineering, Rapid Prototyping - a Case Study in Cutlery Production

Gironimo, G. Di; Guida, M.
Developing a Virtual Training System in Aeronautical Industry