Eurographics 2007 - Cultural Heritage 2007

Preface and Table of Contents

Arnold, David
Cultural Heritage as a Vehicle for Basic Research in Computing Science: Pasteur's Quadrant and a Use-inspired Basic Research Agenda

Kuchar, Robert; Schairer, Timo; Straßer, Wolfgang
Photorealistic Real-Time Visualization of Cultural Heritage: A Case Study of Friedrichsburg Castle in Germany

Todt, Severin; Rezk-Salama, Christof; Horz, T.; Pritzkau, Andrew; Kolb, Andreas
An Interactive Exploration of the Virtual Stronghold Dillenburg

Jansen, Philip H.; Ruttkay, Zsofia M.
The Arnolfini Portrait in 3D - Creating Virtual World of a Painting with Inconsistent Perspective

Srisinroongruang, Rattasak; Sinzinger, Eric; Hill, Glenn
Flatland: A Tool for Transforming Historical Sites into Archival Drawings

Zotti, Georg
Tangible Heritage: Production of Astrolabes on a Laser Engraver

Dellepiane, Matteo; Callieri, Marco; Ponchio, Federico; Scopigno, Roberto
Mapping highly detailed color information on extremely dense 3D models: the case of David s restoration

Arnold, David B.; Ferko, Andrej
Color Pages