Computer Graphics Forum 2016 / CGF 35 - 8 

Wong, Sai‐Keung; Chen, Kai‐Chun
A Procedural Approach to Modelling Virtual Climbing Plants With Tendrils

Huberman, Inbar; Fattal, Raanan
Reducing Lateral Visual Biases in Displays

Beacco, A.; Pelechano, N.; Andújar, C.
A Survey of Real‐Time Crowd Rendering

Merabti, B.; Christie, M.; Bouatouch, K.
A Virtual Director Using Hidden Markov Models

Vinkler, Marek; Havran, Vlastimil; Bittner, Jiří
Performance Comparison of Bounding Volume Hierarchies and Kd‐Trees for GPU Ray Tracing

Zhao, Yandan; Du, Hui; Jin, Xiaogang
Recognition‐Difficulty‐Aware Hidden Images Based on Clue‐Map

Zeng, W.; Fu, C.‐W.; Müller Arisona, S.; Erath, A.; Qu, H.
Visualizing Waypoints‐Constrained Origin‐Destination Patterns for Massive Transportation Data

Reichl, F.; Weiss, J.; Westermann, R.
Memory‐Efficient Interactive Online Reconstruction From Depth Image Streams

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