Computer Graphics Forum 2014 / CGF 33 - 8 



Kohout, J.; Kukacka, M.
Real-Time Modelling of Fibrous Muscle

Lawonn, Kai; Gasteiger, Rocco; Preim, Bernhard
Adaptive Surface Visualization of Vessels with Animated Blood Flow

Rieck, B.; Leitte, H.
Structural Analysis of Multivariate Point Clouds Using Simplicial Chains

Zhang, Xiaoyan; Constable, Martin; Chan, Kap Luk
Exemplar‐Based Portrait Photograph Enhancement as Informed by Portrait Paintings

Chaturvedi, S.; Dunne, C.; Ashktorab, Z.; Zachariah, R.; Shneiderman, B.
Group‐in‐a‐Box Meta‐Layouts for Topological Clusters and Attribute‐Based Groups: Space‐Efficient Visualizations of Network Communities and Their Ties

Campen, M.; Kobbelt, L.
Quad Layout Embedding via Aligned Parameterization

Wang, Rui; Yang, Yinhui; Zhang, Hongxin; Bao, Hujun
Variational Tree Synthesis

Charalambous, P.; Chrysanthou, Y.
The PAG Crowd: A Graph Based Approach for Efficient Data‐Driven Crowd Simulation

He, Shuiqing; Choi, Yi‐King; Guo, Yanwen; Wang, Wenping
Spectral Analysis on Medial Axis of 2D Shapes

Vaxman, Amir
A Projective Framework for Polyhedral Mesh Modelling

Mindek, P.; Gröller, M. E.; Bruckner, S.
Managing Spatial Selections With Contextual Snapshots

Noguera, José M.; Rueda, Antonio J.; Espada, Miguel A.; Martín, Máximo
Optimized Generation of Stereoscopic CGI Films by 3D Image Warping

Iizuka, S.; Endo, Y.; Hirose, M.; Kanamori, Y.; Mitani, J.; Fukui, Y.
Object Repositioning Based on the Perspective in a Single Image

Muñoz, Adolfo
Higher Order Ray Marching

Dhillon, D. S.; Teyssier, J.; Single, M.; Gaponenko, I.; Milinkovitch, M. C.; Zwicker, M.
Interactive Diffraction from Biological Nanostructures