Computer Graphics Forum 2016 / CGF 35 - 1 

Pintus, Ruggero; Pal, Kazim; Yang, Ying; Weyrich, Tim; Gobbetti, Enrico; Rushmeier, Holly
A Survey of Geometric Analysis in Cultural Heritage

Köhler, Benjamin; Preim, Uta; Grothoff, Matthias; Gutberlet, Matthias; Fischbach, Katharina; Preim, Bernhard
Robust Cardiac Function Assessment in 4D PC‐MRI Data of the Aorta and Pulmonary Artery

Cioaca, Teodor; Dumitrescu, Bogdan; Stupariu, Mihai‐Sorin
Graph‐Based Wavelet Representation of Multi‐Variate Terrain Data

Faridul, H. Sheikh; Pouli, T.; Chamaret, C.; Stauder, J.; Reinhard, E.; Kuzovkin, D.; Tremeau, A.
Colour Mapping: A Review of Recent Methods, Extensions and Applications

Ma, Guanghui; Ye, Juntao; Li, Jituo; Zhang, Xiaopeng
Anisotropic Strain Limiting for Quadrilateral and Triangular Cloth Meshes

Hafner, David; Weickert, Joachim
Variational Image Fusion with Optimal Local Contrast

Nießner, M.; Keinert, B.; Fisher, M.; Stamminger, M.; Loop, C.; Schäfer, H.
Real‐Time Rendering Techniques with Hardware Tessellation

Tsai, Yun‐Ta; Steinberger, Markus; Pająk, Dawid; Pulli, Kari
Fast ANN for High‐Quality Collaborative Filtering

Wang, L.; Hétroy‐Wheeler, F.; Boyer, E.
A Hierarchical Approach for Regular Centroidal Voronoi Tessellations

Alvarez‐Cortes, Sara; Kunkel, Timo; Masia, Belen
Practical Low‐Cost Recovery of Spectral Power Distributions

Chen, Xue; Feng, Jieqing; Bechmann, Dominique
Mesh Sequence Morphing

Riviere, J.; Peers, P.; Ghosh, A.
Mobile Surface Reflectometry

Oesau, Sven; Lafarge, Florent; Alliez, Pierre
Planar Shape Detection and Regularization in Tandem

Schmidt, Thorsten‐Walther; Pellacini, Fabio; Nowrouzezahrai, Derek; Jarosz, Wojciech; Dachsbacher, Carsten
State of the Art in Artistic Editing of Appearance, Lighting and Material

Alsallakh, Bilal; Micallef, Luana; Aigner, Wolfgang; Hauser, Helwig; Miksch, Silvia; Rodgers, Peter
The State‐of‐the‐Art of Set Visualization

Averkiou, Melinos; Kim, Vladimir G.; Mitra, Niloy J.
Autocorrelation Descriptor for Efficient Co‐Alignment of 3D Shape Collections

Yin, Kangxue; Huang, Hui; Long, Pinxin; Gaissinski, Alexei; Gong, Minglun; Sharf, Andrei
Full 3D Plant Reconstruction via Intrusive Acquisition

Reinert, Bernhard; Ritschel, Tobias; Seidel, Hans‐Peter; Georgiev, Iliyan
Projective Blue‐Noise Sampling

Grosbellet, Francois; Peytavie, Adrien; Guérin, Éric; Galin, Éric; Mérillou, Stéphane; Benes, Bedrich
Environmental Objects for Authoring Procedural Scenes

Gonzalez, F.; Patow, G.
Continuity and Interpolation Techniques for Computer Graphics

Chen, Min;  , Richard


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