Spanish Computer Graphics Conference 2012

Romo, Celia; Torres, Juan Carlos; León, Alejandro J.; Pérez, E.
A New Approach to Explore Integral Field Spectroscopy Data

Perea, Juan J.; Cordero, Juan M.
More Stable SPH-based Fluid Simulation

Jimenez, Juan-Roberto; Noguera, Jose Maria
High Resolution Medical 3D Data Sets on Mobile Devices and WebGL

Hermosilla, Pedro; Brecheisen, Ralph; Vázquez, Pere-Pau; Vilanova, Anna
Uncertainty Visualization of Brain Fibers

Paulano, F.; Pulido, R.; Jiménez, J. J.
An Application to Interact with 3D Models Reconstructed from Medical Images

Pandiella, Imanol Muñoz; Monclús, Eva; Brunet, Pere; Conesa, Gerard
Ventricular Puncture Trainer

Oliva, Ramon; Pelechano, Nuria
A GPU Based Method for the Automatic Generation of Near-Optimal Navigation Meshes

Barroso, Santiago; Patow, Gustavo
Visual Language Generalization for Procedural Modeling of Buildings

Riu, Adria; Patow, Gustavo
Bringing Direct Local Control to Interactive Visual Editing of Procedural Buildings

Estrella, Ana M. López; Ortega, M. Dolores Robles; Alvarado, Lidia Ortega; Higueruela, Francisco R. Feito
Locating Companies in 3D Urban Environments on the Internet

Torres, Roberto; Martín, Pedro J.; Gavilanes, Antonio
Generating Coherent Ray Directions in Path Tracing

Muñoz, Adolfo
Differential Ray Marching

Garcia, Luis; Presa, Lara; Gutierrez, Diego; Masia, Belen
Analysis of Coded Apertures for Defocus Deblurring of HDR Images

Schäfer, Sebastian; Knopp, Christoph; Krömker, Detlef
Interactive Generation of (Paleontological) Scientific Illustrations from 3D-models

Soler, Francisco; Torres, Juan Carlos; León, Alejandro J.; Luzon, M. Victoria
Design of an Information System for Cultural Heritage

Cubero, Francisco; Mas, Albert; Patow, Gustavo
A Procedural Modeling System for the Creation of Huge Models

Sanmartín, G.; Flores, J.; Arias, P.; Cudeiro, J.; Méndez, R.
PrimeSense Sensors as a Low-cost Method for Motion Capture on Clinical Tests

Méndez, Roi; Sanmartín, Gabriel; Mera, David; Flores, Julián; Castelló, Enrique
Design of a Scalable System for the Sensorization of Virtual TV Sets with Live Broadcast

Rovelo, Gustavo; Abad, Francisco; Camahort, Emilio
A Survey on Development Tools for Mobile Augmented Reality

Torre, J. Cruz de la; Ibáñez, J. Jiménez; Estrella, A. M. López; Miras, J. Ruiz de
WebGL-based Visualization of Voxelized Brain Models

Pamos, Miguel Á.; Segura, Rafael
Teaching Tool for Self-learning and Self-evaluation of Human Anatomy Using 3D Models of Human Bones

Pamos, Miguel Á.; Segura, Rafael
Point Cloud Visualization from Large-range Scanner in Android Devices

Rodríguez, A.; León, A.; Torres, J. C.
3D Interaction with Smartphone-like Devices

Sánchez, M. García; Salas, A. León; Cantero, J. C. Torres
Tracking for Virtual Environment using Kinect

Martínez, José Olmos; Romero, Francisco Ramos; Gonzalez, Carlos
Management of 3D Geometry on Portable Devices

Furió, D.; Juan, M.-Carmen; Alem, L.; Ashworth, P.
Evaluating Three Versions of an Augmented Reality Mobile Game about Recycling

Pérez, J.; Tamayo, I.; Garcia, J.
Interactive Virtual Tours with Panoramic Video

Martínez, H.; Gil-Gómez, J. A.; Martínez-Gramage, J.; Juan, M. C.
Kinamo: Gait Analysis System

Chover, M.; Folch, F.; González, C.; Gumbau, J.; Quirós, R.; Rebollo, C.; Remolar, I.; Sánchez, I.
Design of a Game Creation Environment

Lozano, Miguel; García-Fernández, Ignacio; Orduña, Juan Manuel
Population Dynamics Visualization

Villen, J. D. Gomez
Method of 3D Reconstruction using Silhouettes

López, L.; Torres, J. C.; Soler, F.
Computing Curvature Information on 3D Meshes from Cultural Heritage Artifacts

Sánchez, M. García; Salas, A. León; Cantero, J. C. Torres
Lineal Hull: Two Algorithms for Convex Hull

Poveda, F.; Gil, D.; Gurgui, T.; Marti, E.
Multi-resolution Myocardial Architecture Study

Gurguí, T.; Poveda, F.; Martí, E.
Non-rigid 3D Faces Registration using Geodesic Distance Maps

Sampedro, Frederic; Puig, Anna; Benseny, Antoni
Modular Design of Graph Theory Based Software for Scientific Applications and Education

Martinez, A.; Jimenez, J.
From the Patient to the Surgery - A Complete Computer Vision and Graphics Process