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Visual Analytics Approaches for Descriptor Space Comparison and the Exploration of Time Dependent Data

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Continuity and Interpolation Techniques for Computer Graphics

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Advanced Editing Methods for Image and Video Sequences

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Processing and tracking human motions using optical, inertial, and depth sensors

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Volumetric Visualization Techniques of Rigid and Deformable Models for Surgery Simulation

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Of Assembling Small Sculptures and Disassembling Large Geometry

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Reciprocal Shading for Mixed Reality

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Curve Analysis with Applications to Archaeology

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Interactive Visual Analysis in Automotive Engineering Design

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Computational Imaging: Combining Optics, Computation and Perception

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Smart Interactive Vessel Visualization in Radiology

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Surface Appearance Estimation from Video Sequences Supervisor

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Data Driven Analysis of Faces from Images

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Information Retrieval for Multivariate Research Data Repositories

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Processing Semantically EnrichedContent for Interactive 3D Visualizations

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Cache based Optimization of Stencil Computations - An Algorithmic Approach

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