Computer Graphics Forum 2008 / CGF 27 - 8 

Table of Contents and Cover

Orvalho, Veronica Costa; Zacur, Ernesto; Susin, Antonio
Transferring the Rig and Animations from a Character to Different Face Models

Mas, Albert; Martin, Ignacio; Patow, Gustavo
Compression and Importance Sampling of Near-Field Light Sources

Dyken, Christopher; Ziegler, Gernot; Theobalt, Christian; Seidel, Hans-Peter
High-speed Marching Cubes using HistoPyramids

Morvan, T.; Reimers, M.; Samset, E.
High Performance GPU-based Proximity Queries using Distance Fields

De Toledo, Rodrigo; Wang, Bin; Levy, Bruno
Geometry Textures and Applications

Leotta, Matthew J.; Vandergon, Austin; Taubin, Gabriel

Todt, S.; Rezk-Salama, C.; Kolb, A.; Kuhnert, K.-D.
GPU-Based Spherical Light Field Rendering with Per-Fragment Depth Correction

Deng, Z.; Neumann, U.
Expressive Speech Animation Synthesis with Phoneme-Level Controls

Schjoeth, L.; Sporring, J.; Fogh Olsen, O.
Diffusion Based Photon Mapping

Chen, D.; Dong, F.
Adaptive Surface Texture Synthesis Using Round-Shaped Neighbourhoods

Shesh, Amit; Chen, Baoquan
Peek-in-the-Pic: Flying Through Architectural Scenes From a Single Image*

Guerrero, P.; Jeschke, S.; Wimmer, M.
Real-Time Indirect Illumination and Soft Shadows in Dynamic Scenes Using Spherical Lights

Zotti, G.
Tangible Heritage: Production of Astrolabes on a Laser Engraver

Dellepiane, M.; Callieri, M.; Ponchio, F.; Scopigno, R.
Mapping Highly Detailed Colour Information on Extremely Dense 3D Models: The Case of David s Restoration

Arnold, David
Cultural Heritage As a Vehicle for Basic Research in Computing Science: Pasteur s Quadrant and a Use-Inspired Basic Research Agenda

Christie, Marc; Olivier, Patrick; Normand, Jean-Marie
Camera Control in Computer Graphics

Bimber, Oliver; Iwai, Daisuke; Wetzstein, Gordon; Grundhoefer, Anselm
The Visual Computing of Projector-Camera Systems

Weiskopf, Daniel
2008 Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization

Book Review