Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization, and Imaging 2011

Vidyarthi, J.; Riecke, B.E.; Antle, A.N.
Sympathetic Guitar: Humans Respond Socially to Interactive Technology in an Abstract, Expressive Context

Alexa, Marc; Matusik, Wojciech
Images from Self-Occlusion

Inglis, Tiffany C.; Kaplan, Craig S.
Generating Op Art Lines

Cullen, B.; O'Sullivan, C.
Symmetry Hybrids

Wanner, A.
Building The Plotter - an Aesthetic Exploration with Drawing Robots

Love, J.; Pasquier, P.; Wyvill, B.; S.Gibson,; Tzanetakis, G.
Aesthetic Agents: Swarm-based Non-photorealistic Rendering using Multiple Images

Gao, Shelley; Pullen, Lucy; Gooch, Amy A.
Double Meandering Algorithm: From Drawing Game to Automated Animation

Kirton, Travis
Artistic Canvases for Gestural and Non-linear Typography

Dulic, A.; Newby, K.
Performing Animator Instrument for Live Media

Gat, Christopher; Zhang, Hanyu; German, Daniel M.; Tory, Melanie
gamutHeatMap: Visualizing the Colour Shift of Rendering Intent Transformations

Lockyer, M.; Bartram, L.; Riecke, B. E.
Simple Motion Textures for Ambient Affect

Richardt, Christian; Swirski, Lech; Davies, Ian P.; Dodgson, Neil A.
Predicting Stereoscopic Viewing Comfort Using a Coherence-Based Computational Model

Haber, Jonathan; Lynch, Sean; Carpendale, Sheelagh
ColourVis: Exploring Colour Usage in Paintings Over Time

Carlson, K.; Schiphorst, T.; Shaw, C.
ActionPlot: A Visualization Tool for Contemporary Dance Analysis

Subyen, Pattarawut; Maranan, Diego; Schiphorst, Thecla; Pasquier, Philippe; Bartram, Lyn
EMVIZ: The Poetics of Movement Quality Visualization

Hamekasi, N.; Samavati, F.F.; Nasri, A.
Interactive Modeling of Muqarnas