Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics 2007

Harada, Takahiro; Koshizuka, Seiichi; Kawaguchi, Yoichiro
Real-time Fluid Simulation Coupled with Cloth

Cenydd, Llyr ap; Teahan, William
The Dynamic Animation of Ambulatory Arthropods

Skjermo, Jo
GPU-Based Wind Animation of Trees

Monclus, Eva; Navazo, Isabel; Vazquez, Pere-Pau
MTCut: GPU-based Marching Tetra Cuts

Ahmad, Alexandre; Adly, Samir; Terraz, Olivier; Ghazanfarpour, Djamchid
Stability Analysis of Filtered Mass-Spring Systems

Madera, Francisco A.; Day, Andy M.; Laycock, Stephen D.
A Distance Hierarchy to Detect Collisions Between Deformable Objects

Ha, Hai Nam; Olivier, Patrick
Perception-Based Lighting-by-Example

Stephenson, Ian; Saunders, Arthur
Simulating Film Grain using the Noise-Power Spectrum

Kallio, Kiia
Scanline Edge-flag Algorithm for Antialiasing

Turner, Martin J.
Advantages of allowing Hexagonal Pixels to be used as a Boundary Description Format

Lopes, Sergio; Lopes, Adriano; Santos, M. Prospero dos
Speeding Up Isosurfacing: The Matryoshka Algorithm

Dorjgotov, Enkhtuvshin; Benes, Bedrich; Madhavan, Krishna
An Immersive Granular Material Visualization System with Haptic Feedback

Zschimmer, Andreas J.; Roberts, Jonathan C.
Bifocal Radial Visualization of Intranet Search Results using Image Caching

Gunnarsson, Orn; Maddock, Steve
A Statistically-Assisted Sketch-Based Interface for Creating Arbitrary 3-dimensional Faces

Holmes, I. R.; Kalawsky, R. S.
Delivering Effective and Usable Interactive 3D Visualization on Lightweight Mobile Devices

O'Brien, J. T.; Kalawsky, R. S.
A Novel Control Mechanism for Distributed Stream Rendering

Brodlie, K. W.; Brooke, J.; Chen, M.; Chisnall, D.; Hughes, C. J.; John, Nigel W.; Jones, M. W.; Riding, M.; Roard, N.; Turner, M.; Wood, J. D.
Adaptive Infrastructure for Visual Computing

Grimstead, I. J.; Kharche, S.; Zhang, H.; Avis, N. J.; Walker, D. W.
Viewing 0.3Tb Heart Simulation Data At Your Desk

Gobeawan, Like; Xu, Shuhong; Turner, Stephen John
Seamless Mesh Stitching Using Curve Approximation

Hunter, David W.; Tiddeman, Bernard P.
Towards Individualized Ageing Functions for Human Face Images

Hughes, Chris J.; John, Nigel W.
A Flexible Approach to High Performance Visualization Enabled Augmented Reality

Jones, A.; Mantle, C.; Cornford, D.
Data Driven Graphical Applications: A Fluid Approach

Hughes, David Meirion; Lim, Ik Soo
A Case-Study of Inconsistent Surface Reconstruction in Recent Literature Resulting from Octree Rotation-Variance

Brisbin, Matt; Benes, Bedrich
Interval-Based Motion Blending for Hand Grasping

Brodlie, Ken; Noor, Nurul Mohd
Visualization Notations, Models and Taxonomies

Gundersen, Odd Erik; Tangvald, Lars
Level of Detail for Physically Based Fire

McDerby, Mary J.; Hewitt, William T.; Turner, Martin J.
Streaming and Data Enrichment

Wainwright, Adam; Varsamidis, Thomas; Scourse, James
A 3D Visualisation Environment Modelling the Evolution of North-West Europe since the Last Glacial Maximum

Wilson, A. F.; Musgrove, P. B.; Buckley, K. A.; Pearce, G.; Geoghegan, J.
Using 3D Visualisation in the Repair of Intra-articular Fractures

Davies, R. A.
Steering Chemistry in the Right Direction!

Thomas, Rhys G.; John, Nigel W.; Lim, Ik Soo
Anatomy Education using Rapid Prototyping