Workshop on Material Appearance Modeling 2015

Klein, Reinhard; Rushmeier, Holly
Frontmatter: Eurographics 2015 Workshop on Material Appearance Modeling

Kettner, L.; Raab, M.; Seibert, D.; Jordan, J.; Keller, A.
The Material Definition Language

Mueller, Gero; Lamy, Francis
Proposal for an Appearance Exchange Format

Barla, P.; Belcour, L.; Pacanowski, R.
In Praise of an Alternative BRDF Parametrization

Brok, D. den; Weinmann, M.; Klein, R.
Linear Models for Material BTFs and Possible Applications

Nielsen, J. B.; Eiriksson, E. R.; Kristensen, R. L.; Wilm, J.; Frisvad, J. R.; Conradsen, K.; Aanæs, H.
Quality Assurance Based on Descriptive and Parsimonious Appearance Models

Havran, V.
Geometric Accuracy Analysis of Stationary BTF Gonioreflectometers

Holzschuch, N.; Pacanowski, R.
Identifying Diffraction Effects in Measured Reflectances

Weinmann, M.; Klein, R.
A Short Survey on Optical Material Recognition