Computer Graphics Forum 2013 / CGF 32 - 8 

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Rosman, G.; Dubrovina, A.; Kimmel, R.
Patch-Collaborative Spectral Point-Cloud Denoising

Vinkler, Marek; Bittner, Jiří; Havran, Vlastimil; Hapala, Michal
Massively Parallel Hierarchical Scene Processing with Applications in Rendering

Besuievsky, Gonzalo; Patow, Gustavo
Customizable LoD for Procedural Architecture

Dasgupta, Aritra; Chen, Min; Kosara, Robert
Measuring Privacy and Utility in Privacy-Preserving Visualization

Kelly, P.; Conaire, C. Ó; O'Connor, N. E.; Hodgins, J.
Motion Synthesis for Sports Using Unobtrusive Lightweight Body‐Worn and Environment Sensing

Schröder, K.; Klein, R.; Zinke, A.
Non‐Local Image Reconstruction for Efficient Computation of Synthetic Bidirectional Texture Functions

Ohrhallinger, S.; Mudur, S.
An Efficient Algorithm for Determining an Aesthetic Shape Connecting Unorganized 2D Points

Shier, John; Bourke, Paul
An Algorithm for Random Fractal Filling of Space

Chen, Jiazhou; Guennebaud, Gaël; Barla, Pascal; Granier, Xavier
Non-Oriented MLS Gradient Fields

Mönch, Tobias; Lawonn, Kai; Kubisch, Christoph; Westermann, Rüdiger; Preim, Bernhard
Interactive Mesh Smoothing for Medical Applications

Li, Bo; Zhao, Xin; Qin, Hong
Four‐Dimensional Geometry Lens: A Novel Volumetric Magnification Approach

Marques, R.; Bouville, C.; Ribardière, M.; Santos, L. P.; Bouatouch, K.
Spherical Fibonacci Point Sets for Illumination Integrals

Heckel, Frank; Moltz, Jan H.; Tietjen, Christian; Hahn, Horst K.
Sketch-Based Editing Tools for Tumour Segmentation in 3D Medical Images

Broeksema, Bertjan; Telea, Alexandru C.; Baudel, Thomas
Visual Analysis of Multi‐Dimensional Categorical Data Sets

Lopez-Moreno, Jorge; Garces, Elena; Hadap, Sunil; Reinhard, Erik; Gutierrez, Diego
Multiple Light Source Estimation in a Single Image

Wong, T. H.; Leach, G.; Zambetta, F.
Modelling Bending Behaviour in Cloth Simulation Using Hysteresis

Falk, Martin; Krone, Michael; Ertl, Thomas
Atomistic Visualization of Mesoscopic Whole-Cell Simulations Using Ray-Casted Instancing

Xiao, Chunxia; She, Ruiyun; Xiao, Donglin; Ma, Kwan-Liu
Fast Shadow Removal Using Adaptive Multi‐Scale Illumination Transfer

Zanni, C.; Bernhardt, A.; Quiblier, M.; Cani, M.-P.
SCALe-invariant Integral Surfaces

Xie, Xiaohua; Xu, Kai; Mitra, Niloy J.; Cohen-Or, Daniel; Gong, Wenyong; Su, Qi; Chen, Baoquan
Sketch-to-Design: Context-Based Part Assembly

Fuchs, Martin; Kächele, Markus; Rusinkiewicz, Szymon
Design and Fabrication of Faceted Mirror Arrays for Light Field Capture

Marras, S.; Cashman, T. J.; Hormann, K.
Efficient Interpolation of Articulated Shapes Using Mixed Shape Spaces